Thursday, February 16, 2017

DIY Decor Storage Closet

This post has been a long time coming. Not because the project has been finished long but because we have talked about doing this when we first moved into this house almost two years ago. Wow, I can't believe we have lived here for that long already!! When you're a military wife you appreciate staying in one place for at least a few years.

So anyways, when we first moved in we talked about turning the closet under the stairs into a little storage area for my home decor. If you haven't noticed I have a lot of it. Well as most things go that project got pushed down the list in place of bigger prettier projects. And the closet? I was using it for decor but it was a mess. Stuff piled up and it wasn't really all that usable. Fast forward to this past week. My husband ended up with a week off work that we didn't expect and I was also off work. We chatted about what we could do in the house that would be quick and not too expensive. In talking about that we also talked about how we really needed to get more organized around the house. Who doesn't right?! That is when we finally decided to tackle the closet. It's a big closet that goes back under the stairs so we would have a bit of room to work with. Here is what it looked like after we cleaned it out. (I didn't take one before hand because, well I forgot, but let me tell you it was a mess).

We planned to do simple shelves. Cost effective and it doesn't have to look perfect considering its storage in a closet. I decided to do a shallow shelf for pictures, shelves along the back for pillows, and several long shelves with different heights on the large wall to accommodate anything I need. We went to the hardware store and picked up some super simple white brackets and plain pine boards. The deeper shelves are 12 inches and the shallow one we did a 6 inch board. We pre-measured the space and figured out how long and how many boards we would need. We ended up with a 12ft, 10ft, and 6ft long board. I believe the shallow board was 4ft.

When planning we wanted the bottom shelf to match up all the way around in a U shape. It was more practical and looked nice as well. Jeff marked the studs, made sure the shelf was level and the screwed in the brackets. Here is what it looks like with the first row done.

We added two more shelves to the tall wall after this. Once all the shelves were in he went back through and screwed in the shelves to the brackets. That was it! I could paint the shelves to match the walls if I wanted but to be honest it seems like a lot of extra work for a storage closet. I also could have bought the white shelves but they were a little more expensive and again I didn't see the need for the storage closet.

Here is what it looks like done and with decor in its place! Sorry for the poor photos, it isn't easy to photograph.

Now it's like I have my own little store! It makes it so much easier to switch the every day stuff I use around in the house. Pillows are so hard to pack away so this is a much easier space saving way. Same with pictures and wall art. I also added a ladder my dad built to store blankets. I'm sure I will tweak things and reorganize things as I go but so far I am loving how this little closet looks. I hope it helps me keep things nice and neat!! If you have an extra closet and you have lots of decor like me I would highly recommend something like this. What do you think of my closet overhaul? DOn't forget to follow along with me on Instagram!

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Where to find Macrame Table Runners

Hey everyone! I have recently been really into these macrame table runners and I have gotten a lot of questions on where I have found mine. I thought I would put together a quick post on some places you can find your own! These range in prices so hopefully there is one in everyones budget! I have found them in ranges from about $35-$150 depending on size and details. Here is a quick list of the ones pictured above with links! (No affiliates in this post, just wanted to provide some good info). 

1. Anthropologie

2.  World Market

3. Etsy

4. Home Goods

The two I have are from Anthropologie and Home Goods. I was able to find the Anthro one on sale at a great price! If you are looking for a cheaper route to go I ran across the one from World Market the other day in the store and its a beautiful runner for a great price. You can also find several different types on Etsy (the one above is just one of many). Some can be a little pricey on that site. Last on the list is the one I found at Home Goods. Obviously I don't have a link to that and it may not be at all Home Goods but its definitely worth keeping an eye out since it was under $40.

I hope this helps anyone who has been eyeing these beautiful runners! I love the texture they add to a space but still keeping things neutral! Let me know if you have any questions and I will try to answer the best I can!

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Creating a Chaise Lounge on a Regular Couch

Alright guys, this is going to be a really short post but I wanted to share in case some of you have the same problem as I do. Being a military wife we move around. A lot. One of the things I have to think about when buying furniture is how can it fit in multiple spaces, different sizes, shapes, etc. I originally really wanted a corner unit couch but I opted for two couches instead so that they would be much more versatile when we move again. I also wanted a chaise lounge but again was worried about how to fit it into multiple spaces. Well I recently decided to try something to get the look but also have the versatility to not have it if I need to. 

Our couches are ektorp from Ikea and I love them. I love that they are comfy and that I can take the covers off and wash them. Well the other day we were at Ikea with my sister and we came across the ottoman that matches the couches we have. After a little but of talking things out we decided to grab the ottoman to make things more comfy and usable in the living room. I was prepared to get rid of our coffee table and use the ottoman because I honestly didn't think they could both fit in the space even though I wanted to use both. 

Well once I got home the idea struck me to rotate the coffee table and add the ottoman to the end of one of the couches to make a chaise lounge. You guys I am so happy we did this!! I have a new favorite spot in the living room and I still get to keep my coffee table in the mix. The best part is that there is storage in the ottoman (more pillow storage lets be real!) and that when we move again I can do any configuration I need to. I can also pull this out and use it for even more seating if I need to. 

Don't you love when you have a vision and it comes together better then you thought? I am so glad I decided to try this! Sometimes you just need to jump in and try something. Sometimes it won't turn out at all what you want and other times it will come together better then you hoped! Well I just wanted to end by saying thank you so much for stopping by and if you need me I will be curled up in my new little corner of my new chaise lounge! 

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Valentines Day Mantle

Why hello there February! You got here quickly. Every year seems to go by faster and faster and I still can't believe we are in 2017. I really want to have fun this year decorating this sweet little house of mine since I'm not sure where he end of this year is going to take us. Odds are we will be selling this house of ours and moving to a new town, perhaps a new state or even country. For now I will enjoy decorating every corner for each holiday and season. 

As I said in my last post I don't really decorate for Valentines Day much but I did want to add a few small touches this year. My new favorite thing to decorate is my new antique mantle. A fireplace is the one thing that I really wanted and wasn't able to add to this home. Having the mantle is such a great alternative. Here is what it looks like for the love holiday! 

I bought this burlap banner for my sisters baby shower and never ended up using it. I decided to use it for my Valentines Day decor instead. I cut out letters saying LOVE using a stencil and craft paper and taped them onto the banner. Super easy and inexpensive. 

On the mantle I added some grocery store flowers placed in a pitcher I got from Home Goods. Next to those I placed some vintage books, a spool from Magnolia Market, and a little XOXO sign I picked up fro the dollar spot at Target.  On the other side are some faux plants and antique candlesticks. The sign I made a couple of months ago out of wood I picked up from Lowes. 

I felt like something was missing where the fireplace itself would normally be. It seemed a little plain. I decided to add a basket and a tobacco basket behind the candlesticks that I already had there. It added that needed touch and I love it! 

As you can see I didn't go crazy with Valentines Day decor. I just wanted to add a touch here and there. I also kept it pretty neutral, I don't like to go crazy with pink and red or anything. It's just not my thing. I like that this is subtle and easy to take down once the holiday is over. As fast as time continues to go I will be taking it down before I know it! What about you? Do you go crazy with Valentines decor or do you like to keep things low key? Happy February and I hope you all have a wonderful rest of the week! 

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Easy Valentines Day Art

I don't typically decorate for Valentines Day too much. I just never really did for some reason. Last year was the first real year I did anything. This year is similar. I don't plan on doing a lot but I thought I would share some simple, easy, and cheap options on adding a little decor for the holiday. The first thing I wanted to share was some super simple and cheap art you can do! It's about the easiest thing I have done. I am not even sure I should write an entire post on this but I will anyways. 

All you will need is a placemat from the Target dollar spot. I found this adorable heart placemat for $3 at Target the other day and I knew it would be perfect to use in a frame! I grabbed it and brought it home. 

Once I got home I dug up a large enough frame and centered it in the frame. A little tip if you don't have paper for the background is to flip around the piece of paper already inside the frame as it's usually white (which I did in this project). You could also add whatever color craft paper you want depending on the look you want. I wanted to keep it pretty neutral. That is it folks! Seriously the easiest thing ever and it makes one pretty cute piece of art for Valentines Day! 

I placed the art in the window of my living room and though it looked pretty cute in this little corner. I think this might be the easiest thing I have ever blogged about but maybe it will show you how you can use things in a different way to create some beautiful things even if you are on a budget! I hope you enjoyed this little diy project and I would love to see if you do any of your own! Feel free to leave a comment below and thank you so much for coming by!! 

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Cozy Cottage Winter Living Room

I am definitely a little behind on the after Christmas decor since I have been pretty non-stop busy since the end of November. I did a few things here and there and have blogged about them already but I hadn't gotten around to the bigger rooms. Well I got home from my sisters baby shower the other day and I finally had a little time to get the living room put together! I know I'm a little late to the game but maybe you can still get some inspiration! I use a lot of the same decor that I do for Christmas I just tone it down a bit. 

I kept a lot of the same pillows on the couches that I had before. Neutral with a lot of textures (fur, sweater, knitted) and a lot of blankets spread around the room to grab if its gets cold. They come from Target, Tuesday Morning, H&M, Home Goods, and Parris Chic Boutique. You can find fun pillows from pretty much anywhere! 

On the entertainment center I cleaned off the Christmas decor and kept it simple with a winter garland, corbel, books, a marble star and a tiny tree. Oh and the map is back! It was hiding during Christmas but it is officially back in the mix since the lights came down. 

This little corner in my living room is one of my favorites. I moved the little white side table to the other side of the chair and its the perfect place to knit or read a book and have a cup of tea. The flowers are from my sisters baby shower and I thought they would be so cute to add in. The candle holder was another buy from Belgium. Now I just need to get that blanket done! 

I have been drooling over these macrame runners for awhile but have never bought one due to the high prices. I couldn't believe it when I found this one at Home Goods for a great price a few weeks ago! I'm in love with it. It will probably go back and forth from here to the dining room table. For now I love it here and I kept the same centerpiece as I had for Christmas because its nice and simple. 

You guys!!! I finally got my fireplace mantle!!!! If you follow me on instagram you already knew this but this is the first time I am sharing it here on my blog. I bought this back in April when visiting my husband in Texas and I had to wait until my husband moved back to California to get it. Its been torture waiting for it but it's finally HERE!! I was a little nervous about the color when I bought it since its an off white but I am pleasantly surprised once it was in the house. I am actually glad I went for it because it pops off the wall much more as an off white. It's such a great vintage piece! I finally have a mantle. I added a sign I made myself, some vintage candle holders, a topiary from Ikea, a wood star garland, ceramic house from Target and some vintage books.

I also wanted to share my little back entryway on here as well since its been a little while. I have kept it the same pretty much since Christmas. On the shelf there is some winter greenery, a painting that my Grandmother painted, and a tobacco basket from Decor Steals. The hooks underneath are also from Decor steals, the drawing was done by my great great grandfather, and of course those theater seats are one of my favorite purchases ever! The rug is a new find from Home Goods.

I honestly don't know what the future holds and odds are that this might be the last Christmas and winter I am in this little house of ours which of course makes me sad but for now I am enjoying every moment. I look back to a year ago and its crazy to see how much this room has grown and changed. I truly love to decorate and rearrange my space. I also wanted to give you a run down of the larger items and where I got them in case you are interested.

Couches- Ikea
Entertainment Center- Urban Home
Map- Ebay
Fabric Chair- Urban Home
Rug- Rugs USA
Mantle and Theater Seats- Vintage
Coffee Table- Wayfair

I hope that helps since I get a lot of questions of where some of these pieces are from! I can't believe January is already half over and before I know it I will be decking out this space for Spring. Do you decorate for winter? Whats your favorite season to decorate for? I hope you got a little inspiration for your own home and feel free to ask any questions you may have or just leave a comment, I would love to hear from you!