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Easy Bookshelf Styling

I recently posted a couple of pictures of my fall decor on my bookshelves and I got a few comments about my styling. I have been doing this for years now and I thought I would share a couple of my tricks since I realized that people don't seem to be aware of them.

For awhile I never displayed my books anywhere because I hated the fact that all my books are different colors. My house is all neutrals and the last thing I wanted was a shelf full of every color under the sun messing up my neutral feel. After thinking about what to do I realized there was a simple solution! Book pages are all white or off white. All I had to do was turn the books around. Heres what the result looks like.

I just love the uniformity it brings to my book shelf. 

Now if your one of those people who likes to be able to read what books you have at all times theres another trick I used when styling my sisters shelves. You WILL get all the colors but this will make it seem put together. What I did was take down all the books and stack them by color. I put all the blues together, all the reds, all the whites, etc. After that I put them up on the shelves in their color groups. Here you can decide what order you would like. You can put them in the same order as the rainbow, or light to dark. Make it your own! Heres how my sisters looked during the process (excuse the stack of dvds in the middle). I set hers up to be more subtle. 

 I hope this helps give you some ideas to apply to your own shelves at home. I would love to hear your own ideas and tips! Have fun! 

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