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Easy Centerpiece

I recently had the inspiration to redo my patio. I have a wonderful apartment with ocean views and I really wanted to utilize the patio space. One of my favorite things to do is to sit out there, feel the breeze, and watch the sun go down. Before the patio overhaul however, the only things on the patio were two teak, very uncomfortable chairs that my husband found for free! Free is good, but comfort was more important to me.

After splurging on a comfy patio couch and an AMAZING rug that looks like this:

(Awesome right!? I love the pattern.) Anyways, after splurging I needed a few decor ideas that weren't so pricey. I purchased a cheap ikea table to use as a coffee table and came up with a cheap centerpiece idea. This is the end result

This is honestly the easiest project ever. All I did was purchase a 5 pack of candles at ikea and found a box of filler at ikea as well. You can choose whatever you like to fill around the candles. I went with a nautical theme since I love right on the ocean. Then find a plate that you like (I already had this one from a long time ago which happened to be the perfect colors). If your table is a neutral color feel free to get a plate with color. And thats it! Your done! So simple right?

Heres a couple shots of the patio done

It doesn't take much to make your space feel done. Hope you enjoyed this simple do it yourself and hopefully you already have the decor in your own home to pull this off. Would love to see your own versions of an easy centerpiece!
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