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Easy No Sew Burlap Pumpkins


As promised I am sharing this easy tutorial on how to make these adorable fall pumpkins! It is one of those years where I am on a strict budget and have been really trying to find cheap and easy things to make for my fall decor. Everything I used in making these I already had at home! All you need is:

1. Burlap (You will need a large sheet, not the burlap banners)
2. Grocery bags (lots of them)
3. Scissors
4. Sticks
5. Paint and brush (optional)

Here is what I started with

I suggest using brown bags since it is almost the same color as your burlap. White will show through a lot more. If you don't have a lot of brown just stuff all the bags into one brown bag and that should do the trick. This was great because who doesn't have a ton of bags at home!? You can also use stuffing from the craft store if you like but the bags worked just fine.

For the sticks you can use whatever you like. I had these decoration sticks from awhile back so I just snapped a few into pieces. You can easily go outside and pick a few up.

Once you gather your supplies the first step is gathering your bags together. I found it much easier to handle if you stuff one bag full of the others. I also used the handles to wrap around the sticks to help hold them in place. Use as many bags as you want depending on how big you want the pumpkins. This is what it looked like before the burlap is applied.

The next step it to wrap the burlap around the bags and sticks. Make sure to cut off any extra burlap (I cut mine into a circle to make it easier). My circle was to big at first so I trimmed it down a couple of times before securing the burlap.

See how much extra burlap there was? Keep trimming until you don't have so much. 

Once you have gathered the burlap to the top (make sure the sticks are sticking out the top) you can secure it with a string from the burlap. I just pulled out strings from the extra pieces of burlap I had! It blends right in and you don't have to buy anything extra.

The next step is a little tricky and took some time. Using the same string I tied one end to the top and wrapped the string underneath and attached it around to the other side. You can see one of them here. (If your string isn't long enough, just knot two together). You can do this several times to get that pumpkin shape. You don't have to do this step but I liked this shape better.

Here is the final result!

I had plenty of burlap and bags so I made three different sizes. I decided to take the middle size one step further. I already had orange and white paint so I decided to try adding spots! I just took a little round brush and starting dotting away. You can try stripes or anything else to make them your own.

Burlap is rough so the paint isn't going to go on perfectly. I like the rustic look so it doesn't bother me but you may want to skip painting if you don't like that look. I put on the white first then went back through with the orange.

 Here they are! I'm so happy with how they turned out!

I just love how simple and easy this was! I will be holding onto these cute fall pumpkins for years to come! Heres how they look on my shelves

These will be a great addition to your mantle, fireplace hearth, dining room table, or anywhere else you put them. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and that you try this yourself! I would love to see pictures of your own and please comment if you have any questions! Thanks for stopping by!

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