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Fall Bouquet


It's that time of year, the weather starts to cool down, the leaves start to change and the holidays start rolling in. Its the start of my favorite time of the year. I love, love, LOVE to decorate my house for the seasons and this year I am doing it on a budget. I am going to walk you through how I made this wonderful fall buoquet with stuff I already had around my house.

My adorable dog Sophie trying to distract me from the project

The first thing I did was go online and search for some leaf outlines that I liked and would be easy to cut. I printed off a few different ones to use as my templates. Then comes a lot of tracing and cutting. I used some scrapbook paper I already had and an old book. If you don't have any of these things, you can go to a thrift store and buy a cheap $1 book and you can pick up some scrapbook paper at Michael's in whatever color or patterns you want.

Heres my pile of cut out leaves.
I stuck with the same color orange throughout since I liked the effect.

After I cut everything out I had to figure out what to use to make the bouquet. The easiest and cheapest solution was to go outside and collect sticks! You can also buy long uniform sticks at the craft store but like I said, I am trying to make everything as cheap as I can. Twigs worked just fine for me. Just make sure they are straight and not to flimsy.

Now to get the leaves on the sticks! The easiest solution for me was to use scotch tape. Yep, good old fashion tape. You can probably use hot glue if you want a cleaner look but it didn't bother me since you can't see it anyways.

I had a hard time making it look good with each leaf on a separate stick so  I ended up taping sticks together for a better look. It was easier to arrange this way.

As a vase filler you can use pretty much whatever you have around. I used small clear glass that I had already (pictured above). After you arrange the leaves in the vase you can always add leaves after to fill any blank spaces.

After everything was arranged I decided to spruce up my vase with a little bit of lace I had lying around the house to make everything pop.

I just love the end result! It will make a great centerpiece for my fall table this year. Now go try out your own and let me know how yours turned out!
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