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Picture frame Makeover

I love old frames, but they usually come with dark wood and that old style look. I am going to walk you through how to turn that old frame into something wonderful and useful. The first step is to shop around for something you like. I recommend trying Goodwill or the Salvation Army for something fairly cheap. I found a matching pair at Goodwill for around $20 for both. Heres the original.

I love the shape of the frame! Don't worry about the picture or the color of the frame when you pick it out. After getting home I untaped the back and took out this horrible picture that doesn't match my house AT ALL. It also came with glass which I didn't use for this project.

My first attempt at refinishing the frame was this:

Sorry the picture is so dark. What I did here was spray the frame a nice grey color (make sure to clean the frame first. Mine was pretty dusty). You can pick whatever color you like. I also sanded the frame lightly to make sure the paint would stick. I then spray painted the backing that came with the picture the same grey color, and hot glued the lace to the back of the frame. You can pick up lace at JoAnns which is where I got mine. I liked the look of this but it turned out that this frame was a little big for earrings and it was difficult to get the earrings in the lace. This would work better without a backing but you would need color walls which I don't have. Needless to say I decided another redo was in order.

I decided I would rather use the frame for necklaces since I have so many. I went to the store and picked up some cup hooks

You can pick whatever color and size you want. I picked up a medium size. You can find these almost anywhere for cheap. Target, Walmart, Home Depot, and hardware store really. I also picked white so they blend into my wall.

The next step is to simply screw them into the frame. It helps to hammer them in just a little to get yourself started or to use a nail to hammer in a small hole. Make sure to line them up evenly. I started from the middle and worked outward.

Thats all you need to do! My second version was much easier to do and the effect I think is much better for my needs. Here is the finished project.

Its an easy great way to organize your jewelry. Now go out and try this on your own!
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