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Repurposed Old Window

Hello and happy Saturday everyone! My next project I want to share with you is super quick and simple. It only took me about 15 minutes or so and that included cleaning!

Last year my twin sister was out garage sale shopping when she came across a couple who had redone all of the windows in their house and were selling all the old windows. A whole house worth of windows for super cheap! She called me up and asked me if I wanted them and I said yes of course! Ever since, I have been plotting on how to use them around my house. Eventually I want to make a headboard but the first thing I thought of was to make a fireplace screen with one. That is where this project comes in! (And read to the end for an extra tip!)

Ok, so enough of the back story, lets get started! All you need is

1. An old window
2. Two L brackets
3. Screws and a screwdriver
4. Spray Glue
5. Lace

Here is what I started with. An old dirty window with lots of potential. The first thing I did was CLEAN it! It was very very dirty. Once that was done I could begin my project.

The next step is to screw the L brackets to the back of the window. (I used the hammer to get the tip of the screw started)

 I was going to paint the brackets white but it turns out my tile is on the grey side so it actually blends in better being grey. You can also just pick up white ones as well, I just already had these. Once that was done I thought it needed something a little extra. I sifted through my stuff and found some left over lace from another project. Perfect! I also already had spray glue which worked out great for sticking the lace to the window. I laid everything out, sprayed glue where the lace sat and pressed it on! Easy right?

 Annnnnnnd your done! That is all there is to it. I love the end result!

It really dresses up my fireplace. You can also do without the brackets and put this on your mantel. However, seeing as I don't have a mantel, this worked out perfectly!

Now for the extra tip! Do you notice the two apothecary jars next to the window? Whats in them you ask? Dog treats! It's a stylish way to have them out and easily accessible. You can make almost anything prettier by taking them out of the store bags and putting them into a pretty jar!

I hope you enjoyed! Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for stopping by!

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