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Brass Lamp Makeover

The other day I was wandering around a thrift store, (one of my favorite things to do), and I spotted this amazing lamp! Yes it was brass, and it had an awful lamp shade, but I loved the lines! I knew I could make into a real gem. $7 later the lamp was mine! (So cheap!!) I told them to keep the lamp shade and sell it separately because there was no way of fixing that. It originally looked like this.

Not such a pretty finish but you can't beat the lines. After scoring the lamp I swung by Lowe's and picked up a lovely yellow for my bedroom. Can't beat $4 for spray paint with primer mixed in. After getting home I taped up the top of the lamp and the cord so they wouldn't get painted and I started to spray away! 

 If you don't spray paint, you really should start. I love how easy it is to give pretty much anything a fresh new look! Seriously, try it. So that's pretty much it. So easy and I just LOVE how amazing the lamp looks now. It will be a great addition to my bedroom.

Next time you see an ugly lamp, don't look at the finish, look at the lines. It could be a perfect addition to your home! 
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