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Make Your Own Quote Canvas

I debated posting about this since there are plenty of tutorials about this floating around online. After making my own however I figured I could share my mistakes and tips. I remade mine several times! Hopefully my tips well help you from having to redo yours as much as I did!

Alright, are you ready? First, gather your supplies. I bought a set of two canvases at Michaels (with a coupon it was only $6 for two). I grabbed a pack of cheap paint brushes.You can get a multipurpose package for only $5 and I got that 40% off. I then went to Lowes and picked up some yellow paint (I already had grey). You can buy a sample of whatever color you want for $3 each which isn't to bad. You can buy paint at Michaels (which is what I originally did for 69 cents) if you want but I didn't like any of their yellows. I also wanted a paint that I could purchase later for furniture or anything else I decide to do. You will also need either letter stencils or letter stickers. I used stickers because I THOUGHT it would be easier to line up and paint. More on that later!

Here is what I started with.

After trying out my original color choice I didn't like it. It was too neon! Let me tell you, yellow is a HARD color. You may want to go with something easier to live with. I decided to try actual paint colors from Lowes after trying the first color I picked out. I stood there and stared at the colors for a very long time and finally jumped in with both feet and picked a color. 
Now the real work began. I started by painting my canvas with the yellow. Once that was on and dry I added the sticker letters where I wanted them. I have always loved this quote and have wanted it in my bedroom for a long time. 

I already had these letters on hand otherwise I might have picked up something more cursively. I do like the end result though. I almost left it as is but decided to keep going. If you like the white letters you can always add the letters on first and only do the one layer. Anyways, after adding the letters on its time to add the next layer. On goes the grey!
I left brush strokes because I liked the look but you could make the top color solid if you like. I let the grey dry and then peeled off the letters! Here is where it got really fun (can you hear the sarcasm??) I'm not sure if I left the canvas to dry to much, or just used the wrong kind of paint but when I peeled off the letters it did not come off smoothly and perfectly. I was SUPER disappointed. Then I thought, "snap out of this, you can save this!" I am not one to let things go to waste. To fix this I went to work with a small brush and started fixing all the lines. It took time and patience but eventually it paid off. Here is what I ended up with.
I should be done right? So wrong! I sat and stared at it, and stared at it, and stared some more. I just wasn't satisfied. I decided the yellow was to......well yellow. It wasn't soft enough for me. Even the grey wasn't exactly right. I had to fix it. I took the yellow and mixed in a lot, and I mean a lot, of white. I had to get the yellow dulled down. I did the same with the grey to make the whole thing softer. Once I finally got the color I wanted I went over each letter with a small brush and the new color. it took me awhile to do. You see why you maybe might want to use a stencil instead?? After that I also went over the grey with a softer color and made the strokes nicer. Finally I was happy with it! (Thank goodness right!?) Here's what it looks like up on the wall. 

The lighter colors are sooooo much better!

Sorry about the lighting. Not the greatest in the bedroom.

 The question now is do I want to use the second canvas!? I painted it with the lighter yellow but am debating what do add.

Well there you have it! My own version of the quote canvas. I hope these tips helped you with yours! Feel free to leave some tips and tricks of your own, I always love hearing from you all!

As always, thanks for stopping by!

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