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New location!

Why hello blog land! Again it has been a little while since I shared anything on my lovely little blog. Over the summer I had the joy of going to Europe for a couple of weeks which was an amazing experience and I also have moved to the beautiful town of Ventura CA which I love! I moved into an adorable little apartment which I have had a great time putting my touch on. I thought I would share a quick peak at part of my living room and what it looked like when I first started decorating! (You'll have to excuse the fact that these aren't the best quality since I just snapped these on my phone) It has changed a little already but that will come later. In the meantime, here you go!

I love love LOVE gallery walls so I have several in my house. This one includes some old drawings of a past relative that I cherish so much and I have recently added several black and white sketches that I acquired on my over seas adventure. 

I picked up these antlers from an eclectic shop in AZ. I have since had to move them since my dog kept trying to steal them to chew.

And since my dogs are super spoiled they have a little corner in the living room to themselves! I just think its adorable. =) What do you think!?

I will show you the rest of the room and the rest of the house in the coming weeks and also share some of my holiday decor that is making a presence around my house as well. Hope you enjoyed this sneak peak into my new world! Thank you for sticking with me during the months of no blogging and for stopping by as always!

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