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Christmas Tree

I am FINALLY blogging about Christmas! This is my absolutely favorite time of year and I just love decorating for the holidays. I might have *cough* decorated before Thanksgiving *cough*. Yeah, way before Thanksgiving. We won't talk about that though for all you who think Christmas decor and music shouldn't come until December 1st. I did at least wait to post about it until now!

Ok, moving on to the fun stuff. I am first going to share with you my Christmas tree. We got an amazing deal on a new tree last year after Christmas and I was so excited to use it this year! I am in love with the snow covered trees.

My house is neutrals everywhere so for Christmas I like to add a pop of red to everything. This year I also went with traditional colors all the way by adding a lot of green as well. Ready for picture overload? 

Here are some pics after it got darker out. 

I made the Merry Christmas out of scratch paper I already had laying around the house. 

Does anyone else use the wrapping paper scraps to make bows!? Such a money saver and easy to do!

I am a bit of a minimalist when it comes to my tree and I don't like to overload it with to much stuff. A lot of my stuff came from target this year. I loved so many of their ornaments and garlands that I couldn't resist snagging a few. Normally I have a white quilted tree skirt but during the move this summer I somehow left some Christmas stuff at my parents so I improvised by using a blanket. No need to buy a new one when I already have one! You will also notice that I am big this year on mixing metals as well. I have a lot of gold and silver along with the red and green. You don't need to stick to just one metal finish, change it up and make it interesting! 

I hope you enjoyed and stay tuned for more Christmas posts in the following week! Hopefully this inspires you to begin decorating if you haven't started already! 

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