Friday, March 14, 2014

Large Print Photo Art!

Want an easy and cheap way to display large photos in your house? I hate paying big prices for photos, and my photo printer is only able to print up to the size that will fit on a regular piece of paper, so I had to find a creative solution. I have seen this tip around the internet and I finally got around to trying it myself. I wanted to share it with all of you in case you didn't know about it.

All you have to do is pick out your pictures (make sure you like them in black and white because you can't get this price with colored pictures), go to Staples or on Staples website and ask for an engineering print. They have a couple of different sizes that range from $2-$7. I chose 18x24 because I already had a couple of frames that would work with that size and the prints were only $2 each! If you order online they do charge a slight fee to have them picked up at the store or you can pay for shipping and have them sent to your house. I just picked them up at the local Staples. Here is what I did....

Just remember that these are printed on regular paper, not photo paper. 

Once in the frame I don't even notice that its not photo paper! I love the result and all done under $10 for both. Can't beat that price!

 This obviously isn't an original idea but I did think it might be worth sharing with you all. I love having pictures of my husband and I around the house since he gone a lot with the military. This was a great way in my budget to do this!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Living Room

I'm finally writing a new post after who knows how long. Sorry for neglecting you all but it has been a little crazy over the last few months. I am settling into my new job/career and also settling into my new apartment. I have spent the last couple of months trying to decorate and set up my new place to my liking. I still have some work to do in several rooms but I have finally finished with the living room at least! I wanted to share with you the finished product. Enjoy!!

 The pillows below I got from Ikea and from Home Goods. I love shopping for good deals. You don't have to spend a fortune decorating your home. Pick up things here and there that you like. If you find something out of your price range, take a picture of it and hunt for a cheaper version. I can usually find something with a similar style for a lot cheaper if I spend the time to hunt around a bit.

                       This lovely tray is from Target (Seriously, who doesn't love Target!?)

 Please excuse the storage boxes at the bottom of the entertainment center. I'm still working on that!!

                     I love gallery walls! I of course couldn't resist putting one up in my own house.

You don't need a lot of fancy things to decorate with, just pick things you like and move them around until your happy with it. 


The rug I got from USA Rugs. They were having an amazing 75% off sale and I couldn't resist! Apartment carpet is usually so cheap and not at all soft so using area rugs will make your rental feel more cozy and more like your home. This rug is SUPER soft and I love it!

She likes to jump into pictures all the time. Couldn't resist sharing a couple.

There you have it! I truly enjoy the new space and the neutral environment. It is relaxing and clean and a wonderful place to call home for me. DO you like neutral decor as well or is your house full of color?