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Winter Decor

I planned on posting my winter decor about a week or so ago (this seems to be a recurring theme with me) but I had a little mishap with with my cameras. Well, both of my cameras. I have had my canon for awhile and my batteries have finally given out and no longer hold a charge. My little Sony-Nex, which I use the most because it's so handy, is missing its charger. We just went through and organized some stuff and in the shuffle I can't find it! Funny how when I organize I lose things. Anyone else have this problem? So needless to say I haven't been able to take good pictures of the house. I have ordered a new charger but I have to wait for that.

In the meantime I decided to suck it up and just go ahead and take iphone pictures. Yup, good old fashioned, not very good quality, kinda grainy, smart phone pics. I apologize before hand! However if I don't do it now I may not get winter posted before its Spring time! Hopefully you get the idea and can leave with a few good ideas for your own home. Enjoy!

As I have said before, I don't have a mantel in my home so I fake it with this rustic shelf I found at TJ Max awhile back. The sign is from Hobby Lobby, the wreath from Target along with the spotted vase. 

I kept my living room pretty neutral overall. 

Can you spot the pups in the above pics? They like to jump in from
 time to time and I can't help but share! 

The dining room table has a lot of greens to give that forest feel. The center piece is three trees that I picked up at Target for $3 each all set into a metal basket. 

 I found a lot of adorable green decor at Target this year and I waited until it all went on sale before snatching up several things including these lovely placemats. 

I wanted to show you a small glimpse of how my tiny apartment is set up.  As you can see it's small and a bit dark so I do the best I can in the space. I am definitely ready to get into our house in the Spring! I can't wait to spread out and expand my decorating horizons. 

There you have it! Some simple easy ways to decorate for after the holidays. We will see if I decide to add some Valentines Day flair in the coming week. I hope you are all enjoying the new year! Thanks for stopping by! 
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