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We are buying a house!


So so so excited to finally blog a little bit about our new home. Yes, we are buying a house! It has been a loooooong journey but we are approaching the last leg. Before closing I thought I would share the progress up until now.

In the fall my husband and I decided to buy a house. I love the area we live in now and prices are just going to continue to rise so we decided to get in before it got any more expensive. After looking around and weighing our options we decided to buy into a new community that is under construction. We are toward the beginning of the phases so prices are a little lower then if we were to buy into the final phases of building. We will have to deal with construction for awhile but it will be worth it in the end!

Breaking ground on our foundation

The first part of the journey was more difficult then normal because my husband was deployed when picking the floor plan. It's a good thing he trusts me! I walked through the options and settled on the smaller 3 bed 2 1/2 bath option. It was more in our price range and I loved the layout of the house. After getting the ok from my husband we went under contract in November. He came home a few weeks later and thank goodness he loved the house as much as I did!

 The next step (and the fun part) was getting to pick out all the options! Our house is semi-custom so we didn't get to pick out everything put the big ticket items are what we wanted. We chose tile, flooring, cabinets and extra lighting options. It's so fun to pick out exactly what we want! There of course was a limit to the options but I think I am excited to see it all together. We can update the standard options ourselves once we move in such as mirrors and lighting. Here is what we decided on.

We picked distressed floors, white cabinets, a grey subway tile, and quartz counters for the kitchen. For the master bed and bathroom we picked the same floors, white subway tile, and a marble shower floor. 

I originally wanted a shaker style cabinet door and a white backsplash but my husband was not into the white on white and wanted a more traditional style cabinet. Since it is his house too I caved and changed a few things for him. It will still look amazing though!

Now it is just a waiting game. We have gotten to see the house in different stages which has been a fun experience. Here is the progression. I wasn't able to get close right away so some of the shots aren't great but you get the idea.

Our house is the very end one. 
We got to see the inside at this stage and did our electric walk through. 

That will become our kitchen island

Looking from the front entry into the open downstairs 
Then things really picked up with the start of all the finishes. The one thing we did not get to pick out was the outside color. I was disappointed about that because I really wanted the model colors which were grey and white to match the inside decor but I am learning to live with the colors.

Here is a quick sneak peek at the inside! I'll be posting much more once we close and start decorating. It has been a long 6 months waiting but its almost time! We should be closing and moving in the next month and I can not wait.

This is the most recent picture we have. They just have a few finishing touches to do and it will be done! We are at the end of our phase so we do have construction going on next door which we will have to deal with for a month or two but hopefully it won't be too bad. We will not be able to do much to the back yard until that's done.

So there you have it! I could not be more excited to be in our own place where I can finally spread out and do whatever I want. I can't wait to put our personal touch of the inside. I will keep you updated on the progress and I look forward to sharing projects and tips once we move in!

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