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Tv Solution


Hello everyone! I have been MIA for a couple of weeks as we moved into our new house! I have been sharing a few sneak peaks on Instagram and Facebook for you all so hopefully it hasn't been to bad. I am finally ready to share my first project in the new place. The dreaded TV. My husband and I added the TV package when we bought our house so that we could hide the cords in the walls (YAY). We did however debate for awhile on what wall to put it on. He of course wanted it front and center and I did not! I finally caved but I was determined to find a solution to hide the TV when I wanted to. (And don't tell my husband but I am so happy we put it where it is so he was oh so right). 

So the search began! I started searching everywhere on the internet to find an easy stylish solution for hiding our giant black box. I finally came across one photo of a map and the description was talking about maps in front of a TV. Brilliant right!? I started searching and couldn't find anywhere that someone had actually tried this. Only that one small mention. It is so simple I was shocked that no one had really tried it! I was definitely game. I searched for awhile for a map that I liked. It had to roll up and down, I wanted something with subdued colors with an antique feel (or of course an actual antique). It also had to be big enough to cover the entire TV. I finally came across this one on ebay, a 1958 Denoyer-Geppert pull down cloth map, and I bought it immediately! Ahhhhh so excited! I couldn't wait for it to come in! I loved it immediately when it came in. Now I just had to wait for the house to put it up. Did I mention I have no patience when it comes to decorating!? Waiting was torture.

As soon as we got the house it was one of the first projects we tackled (because I just didn't want to wait haha). Seriously, this was so easy! We bought a 2x4 from Lowes and I painted it with Annie Sloans Graphite chalk paint so that it would look like a part of the map. We had to mount it on a piece of wood so that it would stick out from the wall far enough to pull down over the TV. I painted it and waxed it. After that my husband measured, leveled and screwed it up on the wall. Once that was done it was super easy to screw the map up straight into the wood. 

Here is my wonderful hubby putting up my map before we even had furniture in! Don't mind the ugly green fence out the window, they are still building the house next door so we get to stare at that until they are done. I can't wait to have access to my entire yard! Anyways, back to the project. I will stop talking now and bombard you with pictures of my new entertainment center! Hope you like!

Here is what it looks like with the map rolled up.

No more TV with the map down! 

Ok, picture overload! I couldn't help myself I just LOVE how this turned out. It is definitely one of my all time favorite projects so far. What do you think? What ways do you use to cover your TV problem? I would love to hear from you! Thank you so much for stopping by

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