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Bedroom Reveal


It has been a busy busy last few weeks so I have not been able to blog much. My husband was getting ready to leave for PA school and we decided to take a trip to Ireland to celebrate our 10 year anniversary that is coming up next month since he will be gone. We had a wonderful time and I did not want to come back to reality! My husband left this week which has been hard (we will be doing long distance for a while) and to distract myself I am diving back into house projects.

Our master bedroom has sort of been in limbo since we moved in. I still need to finish a few things (*cough* barn door *cough*), but I will show you where I am at now. I shared our painted night stands on Instagram a few weeks ago and I will be sharing the how to on them soon. I am not so good at the writing part so lets just jump right into pictures!

I am still hunting down a bench for the end of the bed and a few small things. 

Ok so let me break it down. First of all I am not a fan person in general. It is so hard to find a nice looking fan! However the bedroom is upstairs and can get a little warm compared to the rest of the house. Add on that I sleep during the day (I work nights) and we have very large windows, we needed a fan. I finally settled on this one from Lowes. It matched pretty well and was a great price!

I also needed some cheap art for over the bed so I hunted around the internet and found these free botanical prints here which I love! I just printed them out on regular paper and framed them with ikea frames.

Bed frame- Overtsock
Bedspread- Ikea
Side tables- Craigslist that I DIY'd
Rug-Rugs USA

I will keep you updated on any changes that come but for now I am enjoying the space! I hope you all have a great weekend and don't forget to follow along on Instagram and Facebook with me! 

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