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Fouta Turkish Towels

I am so excited to write this post today and share with you all a great product and perhaps gift idea if you are looking. Christmas is fast approaching and I figured it doesn't hurt to through out some ideas! I was recently sent a lovely package by a wonderful company Scents and Feel. I have always wanted to try the turkish towels out on the market and I am so happy to finally have done it! First let me share a few photos so you know what I am talking about.

Below you can see the texture of the towels. Love the herringbone pattern! 

Alright, now for a little review.

1. This towel is HUGE. I mean taller then I am. I love their size!
2. The material is very very soft. I wasn't sure how the material would be since they are a little thin but after a couple of washes (which they recommend doing first) they are extremely soft and comfortable.
3. They have a lot of color and design options. I of course went with neutrals to match my house but you have a lot of different colors to choose from to match your style.
4. You can use the Fouta towels for a lot of thingsā€¦.bath towel, beach towel, wrap, table cloth, a lot of other options listed here

1. To me so far only one con. Price. They are more expensive then a normal towel.

Well thats about it. To me there are definitely more pros then cons and I think they are worth spending a little more money on being as the quality is so good. You can find the ones I have in my home HERE for the fouta towel and HERE for the hand towel. I hope you love them as much as I do!

This is also one of the first times showing you a bit of my master bathroom. I love the subway tile, marble floor tile, and grey grout we went with. We also carried the laminate floor into our master bath. The towel rack is a buy from World Market. A good tip as well as that these little garden stools work great in a bathroom! I picked up ours at Home Goods. I obviously have a thing for white!!

I hope you enjoyed this little review and a peek into another room in our home. Let me know what you think of these lovely towels! Have a wonderful day and rest of the week and thanks so much as always for stopping by!

(I was sent these products to review but of course my opinions are always my own)

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