Friday, December 18, 2015

Simple Rustic Christmas Table

I have been blogging away over the last couple of weeks to try to bring you a lot of Christmas inspiration before the holiday actually gets here. I am also slowly getting my house ready for my family and I cannot wait for everyone to get here! Can you believe Christmas will be here in about a week!? How in the world did that happen? Anyways, if you follow me on Instagram I gave you a little teaser of my new table set up a few days ago. I wanted to give you guys a couple of different looks this year and hopefully inspire you with one of them! My first tablescape had a lot more red in it so I wanted to tone it down a little with this one. Just like my change up in the living room I used some of the same things but made the space a lot more neutral. I hope you like it! Now only if I could cook as well I can decorate! Good thing the family will be pitching in to help with the food (they kind of have to if they want a good meal). At least the table will look pretty right!? Let me show you what I put together.

I reused several of the things from my previous table such as the candlesticks, the wood chargers, the stoneware, plates, and napkins. I added a neutral table runner that I got from World Market awhile back and a few aged christmas bells. 

For the centerpiece I used an old box I got at the flea market for about $1, a grey vase with some greenery and pinecone stems, a pinecone garland from Marshalls as filler, and a red beaded garland I got a few years ago. 

How adorable are those star dishes I found at Marshalls? They add the perfect little touch to the table and can be used again for other holidays such as New Years or Fourth of July.  

I switched out the blankets and pillows on the chairs to a more neutral pallet and removed the red napkins leaving the cream color ones. I love the lace details on them. I believe those are from World Market if I am remembering correctly. 

For those of you who ask me where I put my food ( I get that question a lot with my tablescapes) my family usually does a buffet style serving. We will have two tables this year since there will be 12 of us and this table only seats 6 so its just easier that way. I have a big island so we will line all of the food down the island and let everyone grab what they want. If you aren't like my family you could easily do this look without the candles and when dinner time comes it would be easy to pick up and remove the box (or use a dough bowl) centerpiece. Christmas is coming so fast and I hope this inspires you to get that table ready for all your guests!

 I would love to see what your tables look like, connect with my on Instagram HERE or Facebook HERE and as always, thank you SO much for stopping by!  

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Monday, December 14, 2015

Rustic Christmas Living Room

I recently decided to sort of redo my living space since the rooms didn't turn out exactly as I had envisioned. I didn't change everything, just a few things. I wanted to add more grey to the look and tone down the red a little. I wanted it to look more like my entryway (which I LOVE). That was exactly how I imagined decorating this year so I aimed to get the same feel in the living room. If you don't love how things turn out, redo it! Thats my motto, rearrange until you love it haha. Here is what the space looks like now!

I used the same pills and blankets, I just rearranged where they each went. The buffalo plaid scarves from Target are sill my favorite.I was so glad to find them half off awhile back! I layered it with a grey throw to get a darker more rustic cabin look. The fur and sweater pillows are great for the entire winter season. Most of the vignettes are still the same with a few small changes. 

I added the second scarf to my chair on the other side of the room. I spread out the plaid so your eye sort of follows it around the room. I didn't want a lot of red, just a few touches. 

I pulled the color off the tree and added some rustic wood ornaments. I love how it looks with the flocked tree!! It might be to neutral for some people but for me this year its perfect for now. Who knows though, I might still add some red to it before Christmas. I also found a giant wood star ornament at Marshalls and used it for the tree topper. 

So what do you think of my refreshed rustic christmas living room? Do you enjoy decorating in neutrals or do you prefer more traditional? I hope you are all enjoying the holiday season and thank you for stopping by my little blog! 

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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Rustic Cabin Entryway

You guys! I have been having so much fun decorating our new home for Christmas! It has been a long time since I have had a whole house to decorate. I am just so enjoying spreading my creative wings and getting to play around with different areas of my house. One of those spaces has been our front entryway. I don't think I have ever had an entry before so its been a lot of fun! Its not a big space but large enough for a bench and a few things. I changed up the look about 20 times (ok maybe three times) before I got the look just right! Anyone else do this? No, just me? I hope not!! This space ended up exactly as I envisioned I wanted this year and it makes my heart happy!! It actually inspired me to change up the rest of the downstairs but more on that later! Time for my favorite part….pictures!!

I shared some of the details on my Christmas Home Tour HERE but I wanted to give you a closer look and a better break down of the space. I continued with the buffalo plaid and I love how it plays off the dark color of the bench and grey pillows. I also love this galvanized metal chicken feeder I picked up at a local antique/thrift store. I filled it with some holiday branches and antlers. I think it goes perfectly with that farmhouse/cabin feel and adds so much character! The HELLO cutout is from Hobby Lobby.

I changed a couple of things on my gallery wall to match the Christmas/Winter season. I wrapped a scarf on my adorable reindeer head from World Market and changed out the wreath to one that matches the season better. Also, how perfect is that "Get Cozy" print? It fits the entryway so well, inviting you to come inside and get comfortable! I bought the downloadable print of it from Etsy and printed it myself at home. Such a great and inexpensive addition! 

I hung up one of my jackets and a scarf to add some warmth. Its such a great space to kick off your boots and shed your coat! The pillows aren't christmas pillows but I thought they went well with the color scheme. That little sweater heart pillow adds such a cute touch! 

I thought I would also share some pictures of the little shelf in our entry since it turned out so well. These two areas are probably my favorite this year! 

The little christmas trees are from target along with the pom pom garland. The printers tray was from Decor Steals, the believe garland from Home Goods, and shelf from TJ Maxx. The shoes at the wreaths center were my moms first pair of shoes when she was a baby and are a fun addition to this space! This area is another great spot to throw scarves or jackets when coming into the house. 

I added a real wreath, some garland, and a cute little "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" banner sign to the front door. It was such a blank space I had to add some Christmas cheer. 

I know I keep saying this but I absolutely love how this area turned out! It just feels so welcoming and I hope when my family is here for Christmas that they feel right at home! Do you have an entryway in your home? If so, do you deck it it out for Christmas? I would love to see! Come chat with me on Instagram HERE or Facebook HERE. Thank you so much for stopping by! 

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