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Simple Rustic Winter Dining Room

I can't believe the holidays are already over! It always goes so fast and then poof, another year gone. It is now a new year and after having almost my entire family here for Christmas I am ready to simplify my decor a bit for the winter season. This week has motivated me to start since it actually feels like winter for once here in Southern California with the rain! I have to admit, I am loving all the rain. While I was listening to the rain fall last night I decided to tackle my dining room. I wanted a simple rustic winter dining room and I am pretty happy with how it turned out. Its super easy to do and I hope it gives you some inspiration if you still have Christmas up at your house! So here we go, my Simple Rustic Winter Dining Room……

I didn't want a lot of fuss, just super simple and clean. I asked my sister to bring me back some old sheet music from her trip to Europe and I was so happy that she did! It makes a super cute place mat. 

I used the same chargers and napkins and added a small book to each setting for an interesting twist. I have to say I love how it looks! You can never have enough old books mixed in! 

Did you spot that adorable table in the background? That is my new table from Dreamy Whites. I won her $500 giveaway and picked that out. Oh my goodness you guys, I LOVE it! This is not an affiliate link or anything, I just love all her stuff and wanted to share. I decided for now to use it as a cute little buffet by the window. It fits perfectly and looks so cute decorated as a buffet. I think it might stay there for awhile!  What do you guys think?

For the centerpiece I brought my beautiful dough bowl back down. Its such an easy simple thing to use on the table. I stacked some old books in it along with a pinecone garland and some winter greenery. To top it off I placed those lovely marble candle holders and marble stars. All scream winter to me for some reason. The wood and marble give me a warm cozy feeling. 

I kept the color scheme simple and neutral (no surprise there!). I used simple white pillows on the chairs with a couple of faux fur pillows from target. They transition from Christmas to winter easily! 

I am always sad to take down Christmas but I am pretty happy to simplify this year. My simple rustic winter dining room is a great way to start so far. It helps to still be able to decorate for the winter season so everything continues to be cozy. This is definitely making me think basic is a great way to go! I hope you all had an amazing holiday season and that you have as much fun decorating for winter as I am. Thank you as always for stopping by my little blog, it means the world to me! How are you decorating after Christmas? Do you decorate for winter, or not so much? I would love to hear from you!

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