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Rustic Industrial Office Space

I am branching out a little from my normal white decor and sharing a project I worked on in my husbands man cave/office. Since this is his space he wanted to go with a darker more industrial feel. Its another decor style that I love so it will fun helping him design this room! There is so much we need to do to this space but I wanted to share the desk space with you for now.

Ok, first off, how cool is that desk and chair!? We came across this at a flea market and we both fell in love! It was pulled form an old mission here in California and has SO much character. From the wood pegs (instead of nails), to the metal accents, and can we talk about the leather on that chair!? It is also a great size. It is perfect to throw a laptop on or to do some paper work. (Do you think he will notice if I sneak in there and use it once in awhile?) 

It isn't a huge desk so I didn't want to add a lot of decor, just a few touches. I used some old mason jars to house pens and paper clips. The metal paper weight is from target. I also added a few old books, a "cigar lounge" candle and a little succulent. The gun print I scored at Hobby Lobby on sale for under $20. I thought it would be a great piece for a man space. 

The light ended up being one of my favorite things! I recently ordered a surprise box from Decor Steals and was so happy to find that light in with the goodies! I actually almost bought it when it was on the site and then didn't. It was definitely my favorite thing in my surprise box. I knew immediately that I wanted to use this in my husbands space since this is the exact feel he wants. I wanted to find a way to use it more as a desk lamp and came up with the unique idea of hanging it inside an old crate that I had. You know when you envision something in your head and you aren't sure how it will turn out? This turned out exactly as I planned! I am so in love with it and it was so easy to do! 

I wanted to show you how it looks with the light on. I picked up an edison bulb at Home Depot to use in the lamp. I am slightly obsessed with edison bulbs! 

Here is a closer look at that chair. I need to reinforce the bottom and add a little padding. We want to do all the work underneath the chair because we don't want to take off and ruin the amazing worn leather. 

Here is a couple of shots I took at night so you could see the lamp better. 

This little space is the inspiration for the rest of the room. I would love to paint the walls a dark grey or add a faux brick wall in here. Since its my husbands room I need to talk over the details he wants before moving forward. The room is a bit to white at the moment for what we want to do. I am not sure when we will be working on this room but for now I will enjoy this little corner! What do you think of this style? As always I would love to hear your thoughts and thank you so so much for stopping by! 

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