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Chippy Farmhouse Cabinet

Hey guys! I am so excited to share a new piece with you all that I recently added to my bedroom. I have been on the hunt for awhile for a cute primitive cabinet to replace our bedroom dresser. We had an ikea one for a long time and with all our moves its starting to come apart a bit. I found two before this one but neither place would sell the ones they had! I mean, can you get it out of your shop then if you won't sell it to me!? Nothing worse then walking in to an Antique store and seeing the piece you have been looking everywhere for and then the disappointment of finding out its not for sale! Anyways, apparently third time was the charm.

I went to my new infertility doctor the other day and decided to go visit a few of my favorite antique stores since I was close by and well why not? I was happily browsing the store when I came across this beautiful cabinet. My heart gave a little jump and I did a little internal happy dance! And it had a price tag on it! Yay it was for sale!! I immediately took a picture and sent it to my husband. After my previous purchases of some theater seats and a fireplace mantel I wasn't sure if he would let me buy it or not. Luckily he knows that I have been searching for one, and he loves me, and bonus he really liked the cabinet. Another amazing piece was coming home with me!

I styled the top using an old window I already had in the garage, old books (which I pretty much use everywhere), some plants and a botanical sign from Hobby Lobby. 

I just love the chippy paint and the antique knob. I originally wanted something less chippy and a solid white but I kind of love this look now. It adds a ton of character to our master bedroom! 

This of course will be a dresser for us, and I am working on collecting some baskets to organize it, but for photographing purposes I decorated the inside with a few things. 

This piece is a little taller then our old dresser and thinner so it probably comes out to be the same amount of space. The plus side is it takes up less floor space which is nice. It also has way more character and history to it! What do you think of the new addition to my home? Would you give up a traditional dresser for a cabinet like this? I would love to hear from you! You can follow along with me on Instagram or Facebook. Thank you so much for stopping by! 

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