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Neutral Cottage Master Bedroom

If you know me, you know I like to change things up around my house. I like rotating things from one room to another. That is one of the reasons I keep most of my house the same theme so its easier to rotate! My bedroom hasn't changed much since the first part of spring and I have been itching to change it up a bit. Nothing major don't worry, just a few small things. I wanted to tone down the look a little bit but still break up the white everywhere. I hope you like it!

I still love the vintage botanical prints I got with my sister this past January. They are beautiful and simple. They look perfect in those frames picked up from Home Goods. I get a lot of questions about the bed frame. I ordered this one from Overstock and its a great frame. I don't think this exact one is available anymore but they had a lot of great selections when we were looking for this one. 

You all know how I love old books so both night stands have some old books. They warm up a space and add so much character. This side also has a water carafe that I ordered from Antique Farm House and I love the hand blown glass. I got the white metal crate thing from Magnolia Market when I went to visit the silos and placed a plant from TJ Maxx in it. 

I redid the bench at the end of our bed awhile back after finding it for a great deal and I still love how it fits at the end of the bed. It is smaller so it doesn't take up much extra space. The bloom pillow is from So Vintage Chic on Etsy and it's one of my favorites for spring! The little striped blanket is from TJ Maxx. Oh and look, more books! I might have a problem! 

I really enjoy having a neutral house. I know not everyone likes it and I am sure many of you are saying "Add some color!" but that isn't me. Neutrals make me happy. Neutrals make me feel a sense of calm and relaxation. Even that lovely braided rug from Rugs USA is a relaxing white. 

This night stand is a little more "manly" for my husband. Sort of. Ok I am just going to keep telling myself that. Don't ruin it. I added some plants, old books (surprise), and those lovely spools from the same trip to Magnolia Market. The night stands are painted in Annie Sloan Graphite in case you were wondering. I sealed them with Annie Sloan clear wax. 

I snatched some pillows from downstairs (from H&M) to break up the white and put the nap pillow back on the bed. Its one of my favorites. I got that one at Bed Bath and Beyond (a frequently asked question). As for the grey blanket we will pretend it doesn't have a small hole chewed out of it from when my yorkie was a puppy. It hides well! Its worth it since its a great blanket. It has a little texture which I love, and it is a great grey color. I wanted to switch out the heavier striped duvet for something lighter for the warmer season. The white duvet I think we got at Macy's awhile back (I think). 

My little 3 year old yorkie mix Sophie always finds her ways into my photos! I mean how can I not post at least one when she is so cute? This also one of my favorite views in my home. I love seeing a peak at our barn door with the bedroom in the background. 

See, nothing major. I am sure I have said this before but it doesn't take much for a fresh look. It is also great to shop your home and move things around so that you don't have to spend much (or any) money to get a new look. I will be adding a new piece to this room next week that I can't wait to share it with you all! It is something I have been looking for for awhile so stay tuned for that! Let me know what you think of the master refresh and I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! 

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