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English Garden Inspired Patio

We bought this house just over a year ago and ever since I have had an idea in my head of how I wanted to decorate our patio. We have a detached garage and because of that we have this cute little space in between the house and the garage. I wanted a bit of an English Garden feel (at least my version of one). I dreamed of string lights, loads of plants, and some comfy furniture. Last summer we went ahead and got the rest of the concrete done and some faux grass put in for the pups and then that was about it. After paying for that we didn't really want to put too much more into it at the time.

Fast forward to this Spring! The inside of the house is coming together so well that I finally turned my attention to the patio. I will be hosting a baby shower for my twin sister in July so I really wanted to get the space done before then. So over the last couple of months I have been collecting plants and doing a lot of potting, digging, and planting. The last touch was picking up some string lights from Target (since they were having a sale!) and at last the patio has come to life for me!

I have always thought these cute daybeds made out of old cribs were so adorable. I came across one not long ago at a favorite antique store and just had to have it for the patio! Isn't it so cozy!? A bunch of pillows and a blanket and it makes a perfect spot to nap. 

Those adirondack chairs are plastic and are under $20 a piece at target, home depot, or lowes. I am all about saving some cash and not buying the more expensive wood ones! The rug was a great find at ROSS for only $29. The little coffee table we got on sale at Target at the end of the season last year.  

I used the side of the crib that I took off to make the daybed as some art hung on the wall. I added a sign I found at Marshalls to it. It's a bit hard to hang anything on stucco so I put some nails in the wood strip and hung them from string. 

One of my favorite things I did was create this lamp for the patio. I saw this idea on pinterest and thought it was so creative! All I did was use a bottle I already had along with a lamp shade I wasn't using and added a solar light for the bulb. No plug required! 

For this side of the patio I moved the couch we already had to create another little sitting area. For the table I used a crate my dad built and flipped it over. It works perfectly and didn't cost me a thing since I already had everything! The rug was a find last year at Marshalls and was only about $20. The little wood side table was another item my dad built. I added the sink I bought to add in some more character until I can figure out how to redo it. 

I got this door from my sister and thought it would be perfect for adding some interest to this blank wall without having to hang anything. I stacked some crates I already had and added some more plants and candles. 

I can never get enough plants and I can't wait for the ones I have to grow even bigger! I am restraining myself and not buying anymore for now! I also wanted to show you how this space looks at night. i think I might love it even more at night with those string lights! 

Do you see the moon making an appearance? 

There is something so magical about string lights and candles. This space makes me so happy and just relaxes me! I cannot wait to use my little English Garden and to share it with my family when they come into town. Do you have an outdoor spot that you love? I hope you all enjoyed this space and thank you for stopping by!
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