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Nursery Dresser Makeover

Hi everyone! I am here today straying from my normal neutral colors to bring you a fun makeover I did recently. For those of you who don't know me I have a twin sister. The exciting news is that she is expecting a baby girl this August and I have been helping her put together her nursery. It has been a lot of fun since she is basically the opposite of me and she likes a lot of bold colors. One of the main things she wanted was a dresser because she needs the storage and also to use as a changing table. She hunted craigslist for several weeks and finally found one that was a great size and only $50! Here is what it looked like when she first bought it.

We knew we wanted to paint it so the finish didn't matter, just the bones. It is an older dresser and rock solid with lots of details that would look cute in a baby girls room. She new from the beginning that she wanted a mint color for this piece which I thought would be adorable as well. As the room took shape we ended up going a little darker but it looks perfect with some of the other items around the room. I will share the whole room eventually but for now here is the finished dresser after a couple of coats of chalk paint.

All the details on this dresser are so adorable from the fancy feet to the scroll work on the sides and front. It was a beast to paint since it also had drawers on the inside. Originally I planned on changing the knobs out but after painting it I think they go pretty well now which is great to save money. 

We have some finishing touches to go but the room is coming together nicely. This piece is one of the major focal points and it really turned out nicely! The paint is from Lowes and I believe its called Chalky paint. They have about 40 colors you can choose from. I finished it off with a coat of wax to seal it. All in all it is a great addition to my nieces nursery! 

I hope you liked this change in my normal decor and that it inspires you to make over pieces with great form but maybe don't have a color or finish that matches your vision! Thank you as always for stopping by and reading this little blog of mine! 

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