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Cozy Back Patio Fall Decor

Hey guys! I love shopping the target one spot every season. They have such great stuff for an amazing price. If you are just starting off with trying to collect decor for the different seasons this can be a great spot to check out. I decided for me it was too much color for the inside of the house but I thought it might be fun to use it outside. I was planning on decorating my little outside space so I grabbed the blue and headed to the back patio! 

I picked up a few mums from the local hardware store. I originally wanted just white but of course they didn't really have any big ones. After debating I thought it might be fun to add a little rust/red color with the blue. It definitely has the Fall feel. I kept my hydrangeas in the space since I thought they still matched pretty well (yes they are still blooming).

From Target I picked up the blue checkered pillows, some napkins that I spread around, the little checkered banner, and a scarf I used on one of the chairs. I also go the Gather mat there last year. The blanket is from TJ Maxx. I picked up the other blue pillow from Goodwill (but I think it is a Target pillow as well). The Thankful pillow I thought was a great final touch and I believe its from Ross which I got last year.

I added some lanterns, pumpkins, and placed the mums in baskets. All of these items give that fall feeling that I love. I put a little tray basket on the table and placed some apples for that pop of red! 

I also wanted to show you how little space looks at night. It is just SO cozy to me. There is nothing like string lights, candles, blankets, pillows, and crisp weather! Now we just need the weather!! 

So there you have it. My little patio all decked out for Fall. I don't have a large yard or a great view (some day maybe) but for now I enjoy decorating this little space of mine. Isn't it so fun switching things up for the seasons? It is one of my favorite things to do! I am so happy that the holiday seasons have begun!

I hope you are inspired to add fall touches to your own space, and as always, I am so happy you stopped by!

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