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Elegant Outdoor Breakfast for Two


A heart at peace gives life to the body
Proverbs 14:30

Good morning everyone. It's a beautiful Sunday morning and I wanted to share a breakfast setup that I put together and what a perfect day to do it on. It's a long weekend for most and I always find it fun to dress things up a bit and put some effort into a meal even if there is simple food and only two of you! It also gave me a great excuse to decorate my new outdoor space for the first time and get a feel for the space. This won't be very word heavy, I just want you to enjoy some pictures. Here is a simple but elegant breakfast for two....

All I used was some bagels, cream cheese, fruit, and tea. I layered linens I already had with some of my favorite square plates I got awhile back from target. 

The lace is a vintage table cloth, the chair pillows that I use as seat cushions I got on sale at World Market, and the rug I got from the flea market for $40! 

I added my olive tree that is growing pretty well on the patio along with some little white flowers to soften up the tablescape. I am so in love with the color scheme here. 

I hope this inspires you to pretty things up for you and your family or even just for you. My husband isn't here so even though I set this up for two it was really just for me! Even with just me it feels so relaxing to make something beautiful and sit and enjoy it. It can really boost your mood (at least it does for me)! 

I also had to show you a peak of what was happening when I was shooting this. God was showing off for me and I was enjoying every moment this morning. Yes I really shot this less then an hour ago and I am glad I did! Have a wonderfully blessed Sunday! 

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