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Vintage Neutral Fall Mantel

Hey guys! Recently I have been really trying to lighten up my home a little bit. I have really been craving neutrals and just light and bright! I could have a pretty much all white house and I would be happy. Although I am not sure my husband would agree! However I also have a love of rich distressed wood, it just has so much character. I am really trying to find the balance in between the two. It is a process for sure! That is the fun part though, the journey of finding who you are in your decor! It has taken me awhile to figure that out and it is still a work in progress.

I wanted to share my fall "mantle" with you all today. I don't actually have a mantle yet (I bought one awhile back but it has to wait for December when my husband can bring it to me) so I like to use my entertainment center as a mantle. I finally have it decorated how I like it and wanted to show you all!

I love layering my vignettes with a lot of texture and depth. I usually start with thinking I want a simple not too busy vignette but it always seems to grow into something more then that! It's just who I am I guess. Oh well, I kind of love it! I started with a vintage lace table cloth on top of the wood to brighten up the space. I added old books on top of that and turned the darker covers around (so you see the pages instead of the book spine) to also help lighten the space. 

I layered pumpkins (a fall favorite) through out. You can use real ones or fake ones. These happen to be fake, mostly from Michaels. I added a few plants to soften the space, both are from Marshalls. I added a few vintage brass candlesticks which I love using in the fall and winter seasons. As I show you more fall spaces you will see I used them around the entire first floor. 

Another thing I decided to add was these two little ironstone pieces. They add an adorable touch I thought. The last things are an antique mason jar and a thread spool from Magnolia Market. I love all the pieces included in this little vignette!

This really is easy to do! Start with the basics (like the books and lace) and just start layering pieces. It usually takes me a few tries to get it perfectly so keep trying, keep moving stuff around until you find the perfect combination that you love! Decorating doesn't have to be frustrating, it's supposed to be fun! Feel free to pair it down and not use as much stuff if you like a simpler look. You could stack several rows of books and just add pumpkins. Do what works best for your space. 

I hope you enjoyed this "mantle" of mine and I would love to see how you style your own for the fall season! Feel free to leave comments and thank you so much for stopping by! 

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