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Using Real Pumpkins in Decor

Hey guys! I have gone a little crazy with real pumpkins this year and I am kind of obsessed. Don't get me wrong, I do like faux pumpkins and since we get the real deal so late I use a lot of faux pumpkins in my early fall decor. However there really isn't a comparison to the grown ones! Once the real ones came I couldn't help but buying a bunch and trying them out in my home. I thought I would share a quick post on a few places I have used them.

The first place I tried was my outdoor table. I love the look of pumpkins stacked together. Its simple and easy to do. I added a few extra blankets for the chilly nights and laid a down linen table cloth underneath the pumpkins.

In the entryway I just added a few for the fall touch. Pumpkins, antlers, books, pillows....yes please! I stacked a couple of big pumpkins and added a few smaller pumpkins as well. 

I also put some on the other side of the entry. Just a couple! I moved that lovely fall pillow there after adding this bench. Again it doesn't take much. They just add so much character and texture. 

I also wanted try them as a table scape in my dining room. I used some wood slices, olive branches, cotton, and of course the real pumpkins. You really could just put the pumpkins on the table and call it a day if you wanted! I love the colors of the ones I found this year. They just speak to my neutral loving heart. 

The last spot is my entertainment center in the living room. I actually did this after gathering all the pumpkins around the house to get ready for Christmas decor. With this adorable pumpkin patch sign from Down Grace Lane (who you can find on Etsy) I thought it would be fun to pile them all together. 

I'm not sure how helpful this post is for any of you but I thought maybe someone out there would like to see how to incorporate real pumpkins into decor for the fall season. I enjoyed moving these around the house and changing up the different looks! I am slowly moving into Christmas decor but waned to share another post or two for fall since I know a lot of you aren't ready for christmas yet! So what is your favorite spot to use live pumpkins? I hope you enjoyed seeing them sprinkles around my home and thank you so much for stopping by!
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