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Cozy Christmas Living Room Night Tour

One of the many reasons I love Christmas is the lights. It is such a magical thing to see all the houses twinkling with Christmas lights. Now all we need is some snow and I would be happy one happy girl! Too bad that isn't going to happen in Southern California! At least I get to see the lights! Anyways, I did a little a little Christmas tour a week or so ago which you can find here. I decided it would be fun to also do a tour of the rooms in my home at night since thats my favorite time to see the house. First up is my living room and of course the room I spend the most time in. 

I try to sprinkle lights and candles all around the room to create a cozy atmosphere. To add that winter wonderland feel (and since we don't get snow) I decided to try frosting the windows with fake snow. I wasn't sure about it at first but now I really like it! Maybe one day I will live in the real thing but for now I will enjoy the look. 

I sadly don't have a fireplace in this home. It wasn't an option to add which was the one thing a really wish we could have added to the house. I did buy a mantle while visiting my hubby in Texas but it won't be here until after Christmas. For now I like to turn on the fireplace that you can get on Netflix. It works for now! 

There is nothing like the light of the Christmas tree, especially when its reflects off of an antique window. Love love love it. 

I found these adorable craft houses at Target which technically are for painting or decorating. I of course kept them white (because well duh) and placed them in my vintage dough bowl making a little mini village. I decided it would be super cute to string up fairy lights like real Christmas lights on the houses. I kind of love it! 

I am sitting in this space right now with all these lights on as I write this and it makes me so happy. I just wish my husband was here to enjoy it with me. Soon though we will be headed to Europe to spend Christmas in Paris and Brugge and I couldn't be more excited! Maybe I will get the white Christmas after all.......

Until then I will just enjoy the lights in the little home of mine while it lasts. How about you? What is your favorite thing about the holidays? Is your home ready for Christmas? I would love to hear from you! Don't forget to follow along with me on Instagram and I hope you have a wonderful week!

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