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Simple Christmas Banner

I always enjoy decorating for Christmas every year and coming up with new ideas each season. As I was putting up my Christmas decor I really wanted to added a banner or small sign to the wall I recently shiplapped. The shiplap made me want to go simple so I didn't want anything too big. I looked around but couldn't find anything that would work. If you can't find anything, then make it right?! I searched for my house for anything that would work and came up with this.

I get focused into a project and don't always take photos of everything but hopefully you will get the idea. I found a scrap piece of grain sack (the left over from the glider chair I made over) and decided to use that to make banner. I used a ruler and made lines into the shape below and then cute out the shape. After that I used some stencils and paint I already had on hand and painted the letters JOY onto the banner.

I didn't want to have to sew anything so to hang it I used a drinking straw and cute it down to the length of the banner. I then rolled the fabric over the straw and taped it into place. I then threaded a piece of twine I already had and voila! A cute Christmas banner that didn't cost me a thing! 

This was one of the easiest DIY projects I have done and I just love how it turned out! You could use any fabric you have lying around (old t-shirt, sheet, grain sack, etc.) and if you don't have paint or a brush those things are pretty inexpensive. You can pick up stencils at a craft store like Michaels or make your own by printing letters off of a computer. There are so many ways to create things you love for a great price. I hope this gets you thinking and encourages you to try something new this season! I hope you enjoyed this little DIY tutorial and I am so happy you stopped by! 

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