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Simple Christmas Cocoa Bar

Last year I went a little crazy and designed a really fun hot chocolate bar which you can see Here. This year I wanted to create a simpler hot cocoa station without all the bells and whistles. Do you ever get super excited to decorate and go way over the top? That is what I did last year a little bit. It was the first year I got to decorate in my own home so I was SO excited to decorate for Christmas. Well as much as I did love the decor last year this year I am going in a different direction and I am really craving a simpler approach. I have said this in most of my posts so far this season but my theme is carrying through! Anyways, I'll stop rambling and show you my little hot cocoa area in my kitchen!

The first things I started with were the cutting boards. I layered a few on the wall to add some interest and to cover up the light cord that is connected to the tree on the left. I also used a cutting board to set everything on. I decided to hang a little Cocoa sign on one of them. I already had that little chalkboard tag for a drink station I did. To add a little interest I decided to hang it in the middle of a vintage frame I had. I love the elegant look it gives. 

For the drink station itself I put the cocoa into a vintage mason jar that I cleaned (they make such pretty containers!). I also added some fresh greens that I got for free when I got my tree the other day. I just love the smell! I placed the greens into a lovely ironstone pitcher and added a smaller one as well. I also added some adorable tree drink stirrers I picked up at the Target dollar spot. I placed those into a little milk bottle. To finish it off I placed my mug holder from World Market next to it so that mugs are easily accessible. Thats it! Very simple and basic but I love everything about it!

It really doesn't take much to add a little festive charm. The only things I didn't have already were the greenery and the stir sticks. Overall that only costs me about a dollar or two because the greenery was free! I am sure I have stressed this before but the best thing to do is shop your home before going out buying things. You could be surprised what you can come up with re-working something you already have on hand.

Well I hope you enjoyed this simple little christmas cocoa bar in my home and that it inspires you to try something with a little simplicity! Have a wonderful weekend my friends and thank you for coming by!
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