Sunday, August 28, 2016

Easy DIY Grain Sack Pillows

Happy Monday everyone! I meant to do this post a few weeks ago and I just ran out of time to be honest! It has been a busy couple of months but I a trying to get back into blogging a little more for you all. I recently came up with some easy options to make your own grain sack pillows. I want to start by saying I am not a seamstress, I have no sewing experience, and I am sure a lot of people who do sew are going to cringe at this post! Sorry ahead of time. This is more for people like me who don't sew and want to create the look for less money. 

If you follow along on Instagram with me you know I picked up some grain sacks for a great deal at the Alameda Flea Market when visiting my sister. I think I paid about $12 a piece. I knew I wanted to make some pillows out of them but I just wasn't exactly sure how I was going to accomplish it. The picture below is all the goodies I got from the flea market. You can see I bought three different grain sacks. I wasn't even sure if I could wash them so I didn't do anything with them for awhile. I finally decided to just try it (nothing to lose right?) and I washed them in my washer and dried them in the dryer and it worked great! 

On to the pillow cover making. Let me start with the easiest option. These bags are super long and a little thin so my first thought was to get some king size pillows and see if it filled up the bags enough where I wouldn't have to sew them. Guess what? It worked for two of them!! All I did was add the pillows and tuck in the ends. Seriously it was that easy. I accomplished a long grain sack pillow for super cheap and with no sewing or altering at all. 

Alright, now on to the more difficult option. This one involved a little hand sewing and cutting. I don't own a sewing machine so it was all by hand. A little time consuming but again I saved ALOT of money doing it this way instead of going to buy some already made. 

The third bag I bought was wider then the other two so I wasn't able to use the above trick. I decided to take a risk and cut the bag in half (I forgot to take pictures of this). I took a euro pillow insert to see if they would fit and luckily it was just big enough to make two euro pillow cases. The first pillow case only needed some buttons sewed one one side so that I could close it and still take it off to wash it (the other side was already sewed shut because that was the bottom of the bag). 

I picked up a bunch of buttons from Joanns and bought some needles and thread and went to town. I was ok with a slightly unfinished look because they are rustic grain sack pillows! I basically went from one end to the other and where each button is I cut a small slit on the other side to match up with the buttons. I may have to eventually go back and reinforce the holes with thread if they get too stretched out, but for now it works fine. One pillow down! 

The next one was a little harder because both ends were open. I pinned the top with straight pins and went to work sewing. I followed the hem that was already there so that helped keep it pretty straight. The thread matched perfectly so I was able to hand sew the top and you can't even see where I sewed it. Thats a good thing because I am sure its not completely straight since it was hand done! On the bottom I did the same as above and added buttons to the bottom so that I am able to take the cover off and wash them if I need to. 

Like I said before, I am by far not a seamstress or anything but I thought I would share what I did. Maybe it will motivate you to be braver and try something similar yourself! Sometimes it just takes some time and taking a chance. I am so glad I finally jumped in with both feet and tried this out because I love the pillows so much! They bring a ton of character and warmth to my space. 

Well that is all for today my friends! I hope you are inspired by this post and I would love to see your own projects if you try this! Have a wonderful week and I so appreciate you stopping by today! 

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Travel Theme Girl Nursery

Hey guys! I am back again with something a little different on this little blog of mine. I recently helped decorate my sister and brother-in-laws nursery for their baby girl that is coming any day now! I went up a couple of weeks ago to finish putting the last touches in and I thought I would share the end result with you!

They both love to travel and one of the cool things my sister and brother-in-law like to do is buy childrens books in the different countries they go to. Such a neat idea right!? Well when we started planning out the nursery they both wanted to incorporate those books into the room and decided a travel theme would be the perfect fit. It was definitely a challenge for me since the color theme took me out of my comfort zone but that is half the fun! We originally were sticking with mint, white, and grey but it has since evolved into a lot of different colors but I think it turned out super cute. Let me walk you through the room.

The turquoise dresser was originally going to be lighter and more of a mint color but after the giant map picture that they bought for over the crib we ended up going a little darker. They need lots of extra storage so this thing is HUGE and holds a ton of stuff. You can check out the dresser makeover here. It also will be used for a changing table. That little suitcase on top holds diapers for easy access. 

At two of my sisters baby showers we had people bring books instead of cards so we definitely needed shelves to but them all! The pictures on the left were bought on their last Europe trip before baby and they match perfectly! 

The shelves hold several things of interest. On the top we spread out all the books from their travels so that they would be displayed. We also added an adorable book that one of my sisters friends found with the babies name "Adelaide". On the middle shelf I added more books, some old blocks arranged showing the abbreviations of airport codes that have meaning for the couple. The little British tea box turns into a super cute piggy bank (which was also brought back from their trip). On the bottom is more books, a clock and an A I picked out at Home Goods to add some interest. You also see a city block set my sister ordered off of Ebay that I arranged on some more books. 

As you scan around the room you will see the crib in the corner. The dresser ended up being bigger then expected so the crib wasn't able to sit in the middle of the wall like originally planned. It ended up working out and it looks great there! The picture was one of the first buys and what I went off of for the rest of the room. The large suitcase is placed on a stand my brother-in-law built and houses lots of blankets. The suitcase was a vintage find and has old stickers form around the world which is really neat! They plan to add a mobile over the crib at some point. 

Obviously once the baby is using the crib the pillows will come out but for now I placed a few pillows that I found at Hobby Lobby in it. When I saw them I immediately sent pictures to my sister because I loved the city scenes and colors! I also added a blanket from their baby shower and a little stuffed doll. 

For curtains I liked the idea of solid white on the outside and sheer in the middle. Luckily they did too so they picked some up at Ikea and we added the banners from her baby shower. 

On this side of the room we kept things a little more neutral since they other side has so much going on. The recliner was a chair I had that wasn't being used much in my house at the moment. It was grey so I new it would match and was a great size for this space saving them some money. The side table we found at a flea market for about $25 (it was already painted so saved us time). The pillow I found at TJ Maxx and is another city scene. We hung the frames up on the wall but the art didn't come in time so just pretend that there is pretty pictures in them for now! The picture below is a picture my sister took after the art came in. The ultrasound will eventually be replaced with a cute travel bag tag with the birth info on it. The maps were found at a flea market and the other two prints were found on Easy. 

I originally brought up the idea of a white rug and my sister immediately was like heck no! A white rug in a babies room!? No no no. Well luckily for me after we looked and we looked she caved. We couldn't find anything that would look good. I finally showed her the rug I have in my bedroom and ultimately she decided that would look the best. Hopefully she doesn't regret this later but I love the texture and how it lightens up the room. It has different color whites and creams in it so it brings everything together nicely. The poof I found at Home Goods for a great price. I liked the woven look of it and the fact that it is both grey and white worked well with both the rug and chair. 

So there you have it! This the first time I have really stepped out and helped someone decorate a room. It was a challenge making sure they got what they wanted but to also make sure it looked good together! It was all about balance for me and definitely was a learning experience. I hope this isn't the last time I get to help someone, it was a lot of fun. 

What do you think of this adorable space? I hope you enjoyed this different post. I would love to hear from you so feel free to leave a comment or come follow me on Instagram! Thank you so much for stopping by!