Thursday, October 20, 2016

Entryway Nook with Vintage Bench

Do you ever go searching for something in particular and run across something else that you can't pass up? For me, All.The.Time! I was out hunting for doilies of all things for a project I am working on for my sisters baby shower (which I will share later). I went to some of my favorite antique stores in my area and came across this little bench. It was love at first sight! I knew exactly where I would put it if I were to buy it.  I held my breath and looked at the price tag and YAY it was a great deal! I actually walked around the store really thinking about it because again, I was not out looking for a bench. I almost walked away. I decided to go look at it one more time and what can I say, I couldn't leave it there. I have thought about adding a bench or chair to this little space to finish it off but I never really looked for a piece to put there. I knew as soon as I saw it that it would fit there perfectly and I loved the antique finish on it. It was perfect! Let me show you. 

I haven't changed much on the mantle except adding these beautiful flowers I picked up at the grocery store. I have no idea what those orange ones are but I love them! I placed them in this ironstone pitcher I recently received from a friend. The sign is from an adorable shop on etsy called Down Grace Lane and she is the sweetest. I love her signs! 

On the bench I placed a pillow from Parris Chic Boutique (also from etsy), a blanket my grandma made me awhile ago, and some lovely pumpkins I got from a pumpkin patch. 

The bench itself is so beautiful. It is wonderfully distressed and a great new addition to my home. 

I kind of have this thing with nooks and little vignettes. They are my favorite thing to decorate and they help my house feel like a home. I love finding the perfect piece! I am so happy with this little space in my home now and I can't wait to continue to change up this little space. For now I will enjoy it decked out for the fall season. So what do you think of my little vintage bench? Do you often buy things that you aren't out looking for? Tell me I am not alone! I would love to hear from you so feel free to leave a comment and make sure you follow along with me on Instagram. Of course as always, thank you for stopping by this little blog of mine! 

Monday, October 10, 2016

Cozy Fall Living Room

It's been a long couple of weeks of traveling, ant invasions, sick dogs and vet visits. These are the times I really really miss my husband. All I can say is I don't know how it's October already but it makes me happy! Only a couple of months left until I have my husband much closer to me. We will still be in different cities but we will at least be in driving distance to each other and in the same state. I feel like this is a "you know you are a military wife when being in the same state is amazing" kind of a thing. Amidst all the crazy of the past couple of weeks I find myself decorating. To me it's calming, it's my creative outlet. One of my favorite things to do is throw on some TV or music and poke around the house and rearrange things. It is one of the reasons I like the change of the season because it gives me an excuse to change things up (not that I really need an excuse)! I have kept things a little more simple this year and haven't gone to crazy with the fall decor. To me its just enough! I took these pictures the other morning so the lighting is a little dark but I love the cozy feel the morning light in this room gives. 

I am not really into the typical fall colors, I like to keep things neutral but with a lot of texture. I have a slight blanket and pillow obsession so I layer those around the entire space. 

I also love to use pumpkins pretty much everywhere. I placed them on the side table, the entertainment center, and with hydrangeas in my giant dough bowl. I also used vintage books and candlesticks in several places around the room. 

The texture on the couches are one of my favorite things. I used grain sack pillows that I made myself , a couple of knitted pillows I recently found for a great price at Tuesday Mornings, and a knitted throw that I recently finished. Since these pictures I have actually re-knit it into a different pattern that I think looks and works better then in these pictures. 

This time of year gives me all the feels! There is so many things happening in my family including my parents selling and moving from where I grew up, I became an aunt to the cutest little girl and my other sister will be giving birth in March so an aunt x2! My husband is coming back to California and I am looking forward to a trip to Paris with him in December......I mean it had just been crazy! I am trying to embrace all of the change, enjoy every moment, and to be thankful.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Night Time Home and Lighting Tour

For those of you don't know I work night shift at a local hospital as a Respiratory Therapist. Of course this means a lot of the time its dark out when I'm awake even when I am not at work. I recently had a bit of an ant problem which forced me to really pick up and clean the house. Afterwards I was wandering around and thought it would be a fun idea to share how my house looks at night! Since this is normal for me I wanted to share how my house looks for me most of the time. It will give you a whole new perspective and I want to show you and walk you through the lighting we have added around the house.


We have a lot of recessed lighting through out the downstairs. We had to rent for a lot of years and one of the major things we dealt with was no overhead lighting. I wanted to be able to have several layers of lighting that we could tone down or make super bright depending on the occasion. 

Great Room (Kitchen, Living, Dining)

I thought about adding a lighting fixture in the living room (we do have a light box) but I am not sure how I feel about it cutting the room off. I kind of like it wide open so not sure I will ever do that. The recessed lighting adds more then enough light and is also on a dimmer which I love. 

In the kitchen and dining room we have recessed lighting and have added two lights form ikea over the counter and a chandelier over the dining table that we got from World Market. Again this allows for a lot of options and it also adds character. 

Can you find the dogs through out the great room pictures!? They love jumping in!

Guest Bedroom

In the guest room we have lamps on the side tables and we also put in an overhead light. Nothing fancy but enough to make it easier for guests. This way you can flip the switch when you walk in but you also have the option to have a reading lamp. These lamp bases are from Target. 

Master Bedroom

The master bedroom is much the same. We have lamps on each side table (these were a recent find from Target. On sale for $13 each!!). We also have a fan in here with a light. I actually don't like fans that much but I love sleeping with a fan on so I gave in. I realized I didn't get the fan in the pictures so if you would like to see it you can see our bedroom here. It is shown in the last picture and is from Lowes. It was one of the cheapest fans I found that I liked. 

I actually really love looking at places at night. It gives a whole new look and it seems so cozy! Especially during the holiday seasons. Now all I need is a fireplace but that sadly isn't happening! Maybe in the next house....

I know this is kind of a different post then you normally see but I hope you enjoyed it. If you have any questions I would be happy to answer, just let me know!