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Cozy Cottage Winter Dining Room


I love the winter season. I am one of those weird people that isn't a big summer person. I would pick winter over that any day. I love the cozy overcast days, fires in the fireplace, warm drinks, boots and warm weather clothes. Even in decor I love it. Cozy textures, lots of blankets and pillows. Maybe I am weird but I just love it! 

I previously shared my entry decorated for winter and the next room on the list (and thats actually done) is my dining room. This was actually the first space I decided to rework for winter after the holidays. It is the easiest for me to re-decorate since I really only switch up the table centerpiece. I moved the candlesticks into the living room (which I will share later) and moved my antique dough bowl back onto the table. It is one of my favorite items to use on the table. It doesn't take up a ton of space and is easily moved if I need to. 

I kept things nice and simple and neutral (what else is new right?!). I started out by placing a lace "table cloth" on top of the table. I love the wood of the table but I was craving a softer look for now. The table cloth is actually a lace curtain panel from Ikea. It was a much cheaper option and was the perfect size for my oversize table. I added my dough bowl on top and layered it with a winter garland, marble candle holders and white ceramic houses (both from Target). I used a few tree slices underneath so that they would sit up high enough. On either side I placed the candle holders and candles that I bought in Belgium from our recent trip there. 

I recently simplified the wall in the dining room and I still am happy with that choice. I left the winter greenery around the sign I got last year from House of Belonging. I hope to eventually add shiplap to this area as well depending on how much time we have left in this house. On the end chairs I placed some faux fur pillows from target, a couple of plain white pillows on the other chairs, a blanket, and on the bench a faux sheepskin. 

I really didn't change up the buffet table at all since it only had the little tree and marble star on it for Christmas. I did add that adorable antique candlestick I recently found at one of my favorite antique stores. That table is one of my favorite pieces and I love this little corner. 

This space is definitely not the biggest room but I do love decorating this space. I find one of the simplest spots to change up is the dining room table. It doesn't take a lot to get a completely new look for each season. Here is a list of sources for this space:

Table and chairs- Restoration Hardware Outlet
Rugs- Rugs USA
Buffet Table- Dreamy Whites Lifestyle
Sign-House of Belonging

I haven't shared where I got some of the larger items in this space for awhile so I wanted to share since I get asked that question often. I hope you enjoyed my Cozy Cottage Winter Dining Room and that it gives you some inspiration! As always thank you so much for taking the time to read this blog of mine! 

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