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Easy Valentines Day Art


I don't typically decorate for Valentines Day too much. I just never really did for some reason. Last year was the first real year I did anything. This year is similar. I don't plan on doing a lot but I thought I would share some simple, easy, and cheap options on adding a little decor for the holiday. The first thing I wanted to share was some super simple and cheap art you can do! It's about the easiest thing I have done. I am not even sure I should write an entire post on this but I will anyways. 

All you will need is a placemat from the Target dollar spot. I found this adorable heart placemat for $3 at Target the other day and I knew it would be perfect to use in a frame! I grabbed it and brought it home. 

Once I got home I dug up a large enough frame and centered it in the frame. A little tip if you don't have paper for the background is to flip around the piece of paper already inside the frame as it's usually white (which I did in this project). You could also add whatever color craft paper you want depending on the look you want. I wanted to keep it pretty neutral. That is it folks! Seriously the easiest thing ever and it makes one pretty cute piece of art for Valentines Day! 

I placed the art in the window of my living room and though it looked pretty cute in this little corner. I think this might be the easiest thing I have ever blogged about but maybe it will show you how you can use things in a different way to create some beautiful things even if you are on a budget! I hope you enjoyed this little diy project and I would love to see if you do any of your own! Feel free to leave a comment below and thank you so much for coming by!! 

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