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Simple Neutral Winter Entryway

I feel like I have been running around non stop since Thanksgiving! Between my husband graduating his first year of PA school, to working, to our trip to Europe. I am currently at my sisters house for her baby shower this weekend. After this i think I might actually have a little more time do do some stuff in the house! I am sure I am not the only one that wishes for a few extra hours in their day. Anyways, I did manage to throw together a couple of rooms in my home for winter. I haven't completely taken down Christmas but its almost all packed away! The first room I wanted to share with you is my little entry way. I actually have multiple little entry spaces at the front door and the back door. This one is at the front of the house.

I all about the simplicity lately so I kept things pretty simple in this space. I drew new art on my chalkboard (still dreaming of snow here in southern California). With that I added a winter garland along with a tree and a marble star that I got from Target last year on sale. The marble stars and candles I got there last year are a few of my favorite items to use. This is a great spot to hang up scarves and jackets for the cooler weather. 

Underneath I placed my vintage bench back in this spot (it was previously in the dining room with the little Christmas tree on it) and added a blanket and sweater pillow. The pillow I believe I got from Target last year. 

I love how easy it is to add that winter touch around my home. It is probably one of the reasons I like to use neutral in my Christmas decor as well. It allows me to easily transition to winter after the holidays are over. I love using neutrals and textures to add that cozy feel through out my home. 

I am always sad to see the holidays past but it does help a little to get to redecorate my space. Its one of my favorite things to do. I am very much an introvert so being home is my happy place. I hope you enjoyed this little space all ready for winter and that it gives you some ideas on how to transition into winter. What do you think of this little space? How do you decorate your home for the winter season? I would love to hear from you and I just wanted to say thank you of stopping by! 

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