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DIY Naked Layered Cake

Guess what!? This it totally a baking post! Yep, BAKING. I am sooooo not a baker you guys. I'm not much of a cook either. However I really wanted to try my hand at these layered cakes I keep seeing. They are so pretty and would be so fun to make for different occasions. So for Valentines Day I decided to tackle this project. I can do this right? Right!

Let me start by saying that I did not make this thing from scratch. We did make the frosting but for the cake mix we used boxed cake that included some throw away pans (since I didn't already have pans). I bought three of them and followed the directions on the box and then stuck them in the oven.

For the frosting we wanted to try a whip cream frosting that we found on pinterest. I didn't save the recipe (sorry!) but you can find several different options.  We tried one with Dry milk, whipping cream, vanilla, and powdered sugar. It was pretty yummy but didn't hold up as well as I would have liked. I think I will use regular frosting the next time I try this (I think it will hold much better). 

Once the cakes were done I pulled them out of the oven and started the layering! I placed the first cake on top of a marble board and put my first level of cream on top. It was easier to use a frosting bag and tip. I also cut the top off each cake to try and make them flat. Next time I will try harder to make sure its level!

From there I just kept layering each cake until all three were on. Once that was done I used a flat icing spatula and started dragging the extra frosting around the edges of the cake. I wanted to be able to see the chocolate underneath the icing. I think it adds a fun texture. 

Now for the fun part! You could do all kinds of things to decorate the top of the cake but I decided to try out flowers. It doesn't cost that much and will look really pretty.

I cut off the flowers and layered them on top of the cake. I mean how cute did this turn out!? Again, I don't bake so I was so happy this actually turned out how I envisioned. It was a great size and looked adorable. I loved how it not only added to our tablescape but it was also a great dessert. And to be honest it was fairly easy to do!

Like I said there are a few things I would fix and alter the next time I do this. I would use regular frosting, I would be sure the tops were more level, and I would make sure the outside of all three cakes matched up. However I am super happy with how this turned out for my first attempt. I will definitely be baking more of these in the future. It would be so easy for a special occasion to put one of these together! Birthdays, holidays, just because days. So many possibilities. You could also change up the colors easily. Vanilla cake, chocolate cake. You could also do all different color frostings. So many options! So what do you think of my DIY Naked Cake?? Is it something you might try to do? I also welcome tips as I am sure there are a ton of things I could have done differently!

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