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Rustic Christmas Living Room

I recently decided to sort of redo my living space since the rooms didn't turn out exactly as I had envisioned. I didn't change everything, just a few things. I wanted to add more grey to the look and tone down the red a little. I wanted it to look more like my entryway (which I LOVE). That was exactly how I imagined decorating this year so I aimed to get the same feel in the living room. If you don't love how things turn out, redo it! Thats my motto, rearrange until you love it haha. Here is what the space looks like now!

I used the same pills and blankets, I just rearranged where they each went. The buffalo plaid scarves from Target are sill my favorite.I was so glad to find them half off awhile back! I layered it with a grey throw to get a darker more rustic cabin look. The fur and sweater pillows are great for the entire winter season. Most of the vignettes are still the same with a few small changes. 

I added the second scarf to my chair on the other side of the room. I spread out the plaid so your eye sort of follows it around the room. I didn't want a lot of red, just a few touches. 

I pulled the color off the tree and added some rustic wood ornaments. I love how it looks with the flocked tree!! It might be to neutral for some people but for me this year its perfect for now. Who knows though, I might still add some red to it before Christmas. I also found a giant wood star ornament at Marshalls and used it for the tree topper. 

So what do you think of my refreshed rustic christmas living room? Do you enjoy decorating in neutrals or do you prefer more traditional? I hope you are all enjoying the holiday season and thank you for stopping by my little blog! 

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