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DIY Valentines Day Heart Banner

Yesterday I shared my Romantic Valentines Day Bedroom and today I wanted to show you how I made that cute heart banner above the bed. Seriously you guys it was so easy it probably is ridiculous that I am writing a separate post about it but yesterdays post was long and I wanted to break it up. This little banner sparked the redo in my bedroom and maybe it will inspire you to decorate a bit for Valentines Day!

All you need for this project is:

- An old book (or paper in your choice of color)
-A heart punch
-Command Brand clips (optional)

I went to Goodwill and grabbed an old book to use (I didn't want to ruin any of my old books for this project so I went and got one that I didn't like the cover of). I also didn't have the heart punch so I picked one up and used a coupon for it. If you grab it at Michaels or JoAnns make sure to use a coupon! I had all of the other materials at my house already. Even if you had to buy everything this would be a pretty cheap project!

Here is the punch I used and book I picked up. You can really use any type of string you want. I used twine and also some string I had around the house. Bakers twine would probably work really well. 

The first thing I did was cut out a lot of hearts. I just went to town with my heart punch after pulling out a bunch of pages from the book. It actually goes by quickly with a punch. 

After that I literally just taped the hearts to the string. You can make yours as long as you want and you can space the hearts out to whatever you want as well. I ended up making two strands because I wanted more on the wall. I placed the hearts pretty close together since I wanted that look. You could of course also use scrap paper in whatever color. I used a book because I like the neutral look with the texture of the words from the book. It had a romantic feeling to me. 

To hang it on the wall I used these mini clips I picked up at Target. I didn't want to put nails up since this is temporary so this was an easy damage free solution. 

Here is how the banner turned out! 

See how easy that was!? This would be a great craft with kids or just something to do while your binging on Fixer Upper (you know you do it!). I love how it turned out and how it looks above the bed with the shiplap. A simple cheap way to add a little Valentines Day touch! I hope you liked this little DIY and that you have a wonderful rest of the week! 

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