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Neutral Winter Living Room

I'm staring at the screen and am drawing a big fat blank. Do you ever have writers block? I am much better at pictures and explaining what I have done, and not always so good at the words. As I told you in my last post I have been taking down Christmas this week and redecorating for the winter season. As much I was sad to see Christmas go I am loving the simple feel of everything now. I know I know, I keep saying that but it's true! A fresh feeling for the new year. The next room I wanted to share is my Neutral Winter Living Room. I will walk you through the changes as you look at the pictures.

I kept some of the same things on the "mantle" since it was pretty neutral already. I added a crate my dad built with old wood and used the same garland. I added some old books, a lantern, and some old stoneware. I wanted to keep some winter greenery so that it still feels like winter. 

I love throw pillows and blankets, especially in the winter time. I pulled out all the Christmas and red but kept the sweater and faux fur pillows. They are perfect for this season! It is so cozy and if you get cold you can grab one of the many blankets around. 

I decided to keep the wood chair in this corner. I like the look of it. Now I just need to find another chair for the other side of the room (oh darn!). 

The other side of the room also has a few winter greenery including the wreath and two out of the three trees still out. What can I say, I didn't have the heart to put them all away! The third one is on the coffee table in that wire basket. 

The one thing that is spread around the room is old books. If you follow along regularly you know that I have a love affair with old books. They just add so much character! They are easy to decorate with as well. I added some candles and wood slices to add some more warmth. 

Oh and how cute is this little ladder!? I actually found that at Hobby Lobby for around $25 and I couldn't pass it up. Its super rustic and a perfect addition to my living room. 

I guess we should talk about the elephant in the room. How much are you in love with that shiplap wall and those window frames?! Is it just me? I have been wanting those things for so long that I just catch myself staring at the wall! That will not be the end of it! My poor husband haha

I love how my neutral winter living room turned out. It has been so fun having my own home again, getting to decorate for the holidays and the seasons. It just makes me so happy to be able to really make it home. I truly hope I can inspire you to do the same. I can't wait to continue to spread my wings and add even more character and charm to our new build! Have a great week my friends and I would love to hear form you. Come chat with me on Instagram or on Facebook. Thank you so much for visiting! 

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