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Rustic Farmhouse-Mountain Fall Bedroom

My style is ever evolving along with my home. I am always changing things, always narrowing my view of what I love and how I want my home to feel. I love neutral, rustic, and simple. I am still working on the simple! I recently had a vision of how I wanted our bedroom to look. I wanted it to be calm, white with pops of grey and wood. I wanted it to be full of texture with a little nature added in. Don't get me wrong, I love how it looked before and I really didn't change all that much. I wanted to keep it neutral and rustic but I wanted to add a little mountain farmhouse flair. I also wanted to simplify the space a bit. I tend to layer on decor and I really want to learn to cut down a bit and have a cleaner space. This was my first attempt! I could probably pair down more but for now its a start!

Alright, like always let me sort of break down what I did. I kept all the same furniture and rug. The bench was an up-cycle from a thrift store bench. You can find the how to Here. The rug is from Rugs USA, the bed frame from Overstock, and the side tables were a DIY (I found them on craigslist and painted them in Annie Sloan Graphite chalk paint).

The things I did change up were a lot of the accessories. I added a blanket, a pillow, some books, pumpkins, and a plant (cement planter form Magnolia Market) to the bench. On the shelf underneath I added some spools I had and a scarf I knitted. 

On each side table I added my favorite thing, old books. I kept it simple with a plant and antlers. I also added a little pumpkin for fall. You don't have to go overboard to get the feel of the season! I also hung a barn wood ladder on one side and an old printer tray on the other. I love the pop of texture and wood color it gives. It adds a lot of interest but still feels pretty simple to me. 

Above the bed I decided to switch out the botanicals which felt more spring and summer to me with some photos I purchased from Etsy. If you are looking for art that doesn't cost a fortune there are a ton of options on Etsy! You can buy direct download and then use whatever photo print store you use. I used Target online and I think total I paid about $30 for all three prints. Two are mountain/forest scenes and the middle is of a beautiful horse. 

On the bed I recently bit the bullet and finally bought some linen sheets and a duvet cover! I have been wanting one for so long but they are pretty pricey. I found a pretty good deal on these at the local Restoration Hardware Outlet and I was SO excited. You guys, everyone says how sleeping on linen is amazing and I would have to agree. I don't know what it is about it but I am definitely sold. I also added a grey blanket and my new obsession, my knitted blanket. I arm knitted that cream blanket and am currently working on the grey one with knitting needles. 

The next on my list was re-doing the top of our chippy farmhouse cabinet that I am still in love with. I kept the window and added an antique print I found, some books, an antique candle holder, some greenery and a pumpkin. On the side I placed a basket I recently bought at Decor Steals (and I love it) and placed a blanket and pillow in it. 

My other favorite thing ever in our home is the barn door! We hung that shortly after moving into this home and I love the character. The door was from a local antique store and the hardware is from eBay. I hung a lace curtain in the open window for privacy.

Our neighborhood is pretty close together (small yards), but I did want to share our little mountain view. We are lucky enough to be toward one end so we have a small view from our bedroom and I just love it. Some day I want a bigger property with a bigger view but for now I enjoy seeing the view we have (It's better in person as are most things). 

I really love discovering my style and putting that into practice. This room is pretty much my favorite right now, I just love this look. My goal is try to get the same feel in the rest of the house. It's close, and it will take some time but that is the fun part right? You don't have to rush things and it takes time to find your exact style. You have to do what is right for you and your family. Take your time and buy things that you love.

I hope you like my little farmhouse mountain inspired bedroom! What style do you love? How are you decorating your home for fall? I would love to here from you! Don't forget to follow along on Instagram and thank you so much for coming by!
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