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Simple and Neutral Rustic Fall Table


I really love putting together tablescapes. It is so fun and an easy space to play around with. Decorating is such a relaxing thing for me. It is one of my creative outlets and the easiest one I have. I love getting to play with new looks, moving things from room to room. I work in a hospital which can be very emotionally and physically trying so this is my way to relax! This is probably why I have done a couple of different tables. This will be my second table for fall that I am sharing with you and its by far my favorite! This one is the most "me" for sure. I wanted to make something simple, neutral, and beautiful. I wanted to incorporate natural elements and keep it pretty simple. I hope you love it as much as I do!

For the place settings all I did was layer two size square plates (from Target) with two different color napkins. The grey breakup the white a little and the cream napkins add a list texture with the lace. I simply rolled the cream ones up and placed them on top. I used clear goblets to add a little elegance.

For the centerpiece I started with two different table runners. Both very neutral. The cream one I believe is from Marshalls and was one of the first ones I found that were long enough for my table. I also love the little texture to it. The second is from Gable Lane Crates and I love the little stripes in it. It just adds another layer of texture and color. 

On top of the runners I placed a bunch of olive branches down to make it look like a runner. I really wanted some greenery not he table. I then used pumpkins throughout, some I placed on little wood slabs. The last thing I added was marble candle sticks and vintage brass candlesticks. Candles always add warmth to me. 

I wanted to take a few pictures with the candles lit to show you that whether its day or night candles always add a great feel to a space. Ahhhh you guys I love how this turned out so much! 

I sometimes forget that some of you don't know where I got some of the furniture so I wanted to list that really quickly. The table and metal chairs are from Restoration Hardware Outlet, the bench top is from TJ Maxx and I added the legs and painted it ( you can find that makeover Here), and the rug is from Rugs USA. Oh and the chandelier is from World Market. If there is anything else you want to know about just let me know! 

I hope you liked this simple neutral and rustic fall table! I am really enjoying the simplicity after the other two tables that had a little more going on. What do you think? Which one was your favorite? I also just wanted to say a big thank you for stopping by, it means the world to me! 

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