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DIY Christmas Star Wreath


For some reason the Christmas season really inspires me to do things outside of my comfort zone. Baking, tackling a shiplap wall by myself, and creating things to use in my winter decor. I have recently started participating in my friend Misty's at misdiyblog.com hashtag on instagram where you make things using only certain materials and a set maximum price. Doing this has really inspired me so far into making new and fun things and really using my creativity. One of the challenges we are in the middle of is making a wreath for the holidays. I won't lie, this made me nervous for some reason. I seriously thought it would be a hard thing to do and that it would come out looking terrible! What did I get myself into right? Well guess what? It didn't come out terrible! And it was actually pretty darn easy! I am going to try to walk you through the steps I did so that you can make one yourself. 

First thing you need is some supplies. I purchased a wire wreath form at my local Jo Anns using a coupon which only made it a few dollars. The greenery was also from Jo Anns and at the time the Christmas stems were 50% off (ummmm score!) so I grabbed four of these large frosted stems for about $4 a piece. The last thing I picked up because I didn't have one already was a star hole punch. I originally got it to make garland for the trees but I did use it for this project. You can get them at Jo Anns or Michael's and with a coupon they are pretty inexpensive. You will also need some twine or floral wire (I already had twine so I went with that), string or thread of some kind, tape, and an old book. 

I started by weaving the end of the stems into the wire wreath form and tying them down using the twine I had. I tied one down and then added the next and kept going until it went all the way around the frame. This was pretty easy over all and because of the thickness of the greenery I only needed four stems total to go around. You can decide how big of a wreath you want and just make sure you pick up enough greenery to fill around the wreath form. 

For the stars I simply punched out a bunch of stars from an old book that I had used last year for my Valentines banner (that you can see here). Once cut I simply taped the stars to the string and then strung them up around the wreath. You could of course skip this step and leave it plain or add ribbon or something else if you like. I like the simplicity in the book page stars myself. 

Here is the end result! It turned out to be a good size wreath and for a great price. 

I didn't know how this would turn out and I am was so happy that I tried. This might be one of my favorite wreaths I have now! It was also a much cheaper option as it only cost me like $25 or so. I am glad I took the plunge and tried this fun craft and I would definitely encourage you to try it! There is so many different ways you could do this to make it your own.

Well I hope you enjoyed this fun diy Christmas project and I would love to see what you come up with if you try this yourself! Let me know and feel free to leave a comment below!

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