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Night Time Christmas Dining Room Tour

I am continuing my night home tour with the dining room being the next on the list! If you missed my first post you can find my living room tour here. The dining room is always such a fun room for me to decorate. I love how easy it is to change up the look of your dining room simply by changing the tablescape. You don't even have to change everything to get a completely different look and feel. I shared some day time pictures in my Christmas home tour which you can find here but now I want to show you how this space looks at night. This gives you an idea of the ambiance of the room during a dinner party.

One of the great things I like about my how is the different levels of lighting I have. We always lived in apartments that never have much in the way of over head lighting so its been a real change for us in this house. We added pot lights and then layered in chandeliers and lamps through out the home so that we can change up the look how we like. For Christmas I just turned on the chandelier and added in Christmas lights and candles for a magical feel. 

For the table I left the same gold candle holders that I used in my fall table and just changed out the garland to a Christmas one. Under the garland I decided to add some music pages that my sister bought for me over seas last year to add a little extra touch. Its such a simple thing to do and it just adds that extra touch. I also used the same plates, napkins and silver ware. I don't know if I have ever told you before but the white plates I used on the table are from Ikea if your interested. They were a great price and so easy to clean! 

I decided to make a little garland around the sign out of free clippings I got from the tree lot and added some lights from the Target dollar spot. I also decided to get a small real tree because I really wanted a real one this year! Since we aren't going to be here for Christmas I opted to get a call one for the dining room. I added a few simple ornaments and lights. I wrapped the bottom in a white knitted blanket and placed it on a vintage bench I had to add some height. I basically want a tree in every room! 

To soften up the chairs a bit I added pillows (like I always do lets be honest) and a couple of comfy blankets. this white one is SO soft! I got it from an instagram friend so I don't know where its from. The cuddle weather pillow however is from Parris Chic Boutique. I love there stuff and have several of their pillow covers. 

I recently placed another vintage window in the dining room and I am kicking myself for not doing it sooner as it adds so much charm to the space. To dress it up for Christmas I crisscrossed some lights using tiny nails. I left the side table pretty much the same, I just switched out the greenery for a small Christmas tree and added the marble star I got on sale at Target last year. 

This room makes me wish we were hosting Christmas again so I can have a dinner party here! I love how easy and simple this space turned out. I will have to something similar next year and actually have a time to host a dinner! Oh well, it is still fun to look at and it makes me smile to have all areas of my home decked out for the holidays whether I have plans to use them or not. If anything hopefully it motivates you and gives you some inspiration to decorate your own space! So are you hosting this year? If so how do you decorate your dining room for the holidays? Feel free as always to leave a message and thank you so much for stopping by and reading this little blog of mine!

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