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Gallery Wall

Do you have that one spot in your house that is a little bit girly? Yes, I'm married, and I try not to go to over the top girly for his sake....until now. This is my very own wall in the house. I have had my jewelry frames on the wall for awhile but I have been wanting to make it look a little nicer. I finally decided to tackle it today. Isn't it pretty?

I recently made the grey necklace holder and you can find the how to on that here. I made my black small frame jewelry holder a few years ago and I have loved it from the moment I finished it. This one was a bit more complicated. 

I found the frame at Goodwill and new it would be perfect to redo. It had a not so pretty canvas inside and was gold. I took out the canvas and spray painted it black. From there I measured the opening and had a thin piece of wood cut at home depot (they will cut it to size for you). I picked up the knobs from Anthropologie on sale. I added the door pull and hook which you can get at any home improvement store and spray painted those black as well. I then painted the wood white and screwed everything in! Adorable right!?

My next project was the canvas. 

I worked on one for over my bed (tutorial here) and I had a left over canvas. I decided to try something fairly simple. I had already painted the canvas yellow when I was working on my other canvas. I wanted the canvas to stay mostly yellow so I decided to try birds on a wire. Easy enough right? All I did was print out some bird shapes from offline and made some templates out of scrapbook paper. Painted the shapes grey, added a straight line, and your done! 

I didn't fill in the birds with solid color because I wanted the canvas to look hand painted. If you look closely you can see a little of the yellow coming through. I like that it makes it look more rustic. If you don't like that yourself you will just have to give it more then one coat. 

After that I put everything up. I already had the other pictures so it was pretty easy to put everything together. What do you think?

Hopefully my husband won't mind my girly wall! Do you have a place in your house where you let your feminine side show more then normal? If you don't, maybe you should try it! =)
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