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Cozy Winter Entryway

Oh winter! We went through Christmas without it really feeling like it was winter. It finally seemed to hit in January and the weather has inspired me to keep my home nice and cozy starting with a Cozy Winter Entryway. I have shared most of my winter decor but realized I never shared the entryway after I took out all the Christmas decor. We still have a month or so of winter left so I wanted to show you what I did! I didn't change a ton of stuff from Christmas since my decor is pretty neutral all year long but it definitely feels like winter now and not Christmas. Small changes can make a big difference!

I kept the winter wreath, chicken feeder, and winter stems that I used for my Christmas decor. I pulled out all the red that was in the space and made it more neutral. This makes it feel like winter without being to Christmasy. 

I layered a couple of blankets and a few pillows to make it nice and cozy. It has a nice welcoming feel when you first come into our house. Kick off your shoes and stay awhile! 

The gallery wall is about the same. I again took out the red and added back some neutral pieces. the "Get Cozy" print still fits nicely for winter along with the wreath and scarf on my wire deer head. I also  placed my wifi password print down here. I moved it from the guest bedroom to the entryway while everyone was here for Christmas and it has stayed there. I think its there to stay since anyone who comes over usually wants the password! 

I am definitely enjoying my Cozy Winter Entryway. Well thats about it! Like I said, I kept it pretty simple. I really love changing up this little space for the seasons. This might be one of my shortest posts ever! Short and sweet! Thank you as always for stopping by! 

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